Stealth keystroke monitoring may sound very secretive and spy-like, but it is actually a very widely used tool for cyber security. On a basic level it is really just the action of keylogging, i.e. generating a log so that any keystrokes that are made are recorded and tracked.

Although it may sound sinister, the truth is that how keyloggers are used are entirely in the hands of the installer. In the hands of a malicious criminal they can be used to spy on users, steal personal information, harvest passwords, and more.

However in the hands of a security expert, keyloggers can help to protect and safeguard data instead.

Using WorkExaminer for Keystroke Monitoring

As an employee monitoring software, WorkExaminer has features that can be used for keystroke monitoring too. In other words it can capture any and all keystrokes and record them into logs.

The data that WorkExaminer captures can be a useful way to monitor and track user behavior. Initially it should be used to create a baseline of user behavior and then future behavior can be compared against it in order to identify any anomalies that may be present and pinpoint potential threats.

If there is any deviation in the normal behavior, WorkExaminer can notify the administrator. The data that has been recorded can then be used to analyze whether it was an accidental issue caused by negligence, or whether there was malicious intent behind it.

It is up to you whether you want to use WorkExaminer to capture keystrokes from specific programs or just in general. It can be used to record emails, IM chat sessions, and more. The logs that it creates can be searched using keywords, allowing you to quickly locate the information that you require at any given point in time.

A more complete picture of user behavior can be obtained using the other features in WorkExaminer to monitor user activity such as websites visited, apps that are running, active and idle time, and more. That can improve the accuracy of the analytics that are used to spot anomalous behavior and improve your data security further.

Essential Tool for Data Protection

Like it or not the fact of the matter is that more and more data breaches are being caused by insiders – either due to malicious or negligent actions. Stealth keystroke monitoring has become an essential tool to pick up on any behavior that may be harmful, and stop it.

In the event of a data breach, the logs from using a keylogger can be useful for forensic purposes too. It will make it easier to identify the cause of the breach, and allow it to be rectified.

If you want to start using stealth keystroke monitoring to improve your security, the strategies using WorkExaminer are an excellent place to start. In the long run it is far better to be safe than sorry, especially when it comes to safeguarding private or sensitive data.