This is certainly only a hypothetical as neither Google or Apple would be willing to part with the huge profits they make by products on each app store individually, and there would be some technical barriers to overcome, but looking at the potential is certainly an exciting prospect of what could be. A growing audience are now taking advantage of app marketplaces particularly within gaming with an audience that may not be the most experience, growing genres and deals found with the likes of this Unibet nj promo code encourage more play, but could ultimately lead to further issues too, could a universal app store help this though?

Perhaps the most impactful about this would be the uniformity in privacy and data protection approaches, when Apple decided to make the change to offer more privacy features to its users, it did certainly love Google in the past a little as the most important part of utilising app stores for some and ensuring their latest download isn’t looking to steal information or data that it shouldn’t. Something centralised between all platforms would make all rules the same, meaning you don’t need to be concerned about frustrating data issues for different devices individually.

Another consideration would certainly be in the availability, and whilst this is where the technical issue comes into play as both are developed differently there are some key and what many would consider to be essential apps that may only be available on one platform rather than both, and those looking to take advantage may not have the choice if it is only available on one or the other. This is where the universal app marketplace could find the biggest benefits too by providing all applications equally across all devices, with no requirement for developers to develop different or for each device to respond differently either.

It’ll likely never be something that happens, but given the rising number of law suits and problems that are being seen between each platform individually too, an answer may need to be agreed upon some time in the future, it seems the days of individual marketplaces between Apple, Google, and many others could possibly come to an end, rather than something else that still cuts off a big portion of the potential audience. It may also be something that helps bridge the gap between two devices, no longer feeling pressured into getting an iPhone just for the wider range of apps you’re familiar with is a big change, so one that’s hard to ignore. It’s fun food for thought, but with no chance of it ever becoming a reality any time soon, we’ll be stuck to using faulty or late apps which may not be available on another device.