Many of us require sharing ride to go office or somewhere else. There are many applications which provide this kind of service but SeatsPlanet is something different. Along with ride-sharing it also enables the user to share the car and make it a car taxi. It simply means one can use it for both purposes. That means you can use it as a dual, as a driver or as a rider.

Key Features:

  • User profile account
  • Discussion option for rideshare
  • FAQ option which helps in giving you all the information
  • Searching option to search for the ride

Using the SeatsPlanet:

The accessing of this app is very much easy. It is beneficial for both driver and a passenger. As a driver, you can post the ride and as a passenger, you can search for the ride. If you use this as a Driver, you will have the right to accept or decline the request of riding. The passenger will be able to search for the ride. Like this, it will give the way for extra income to the driver and cost effective tour to the passenger.

Cost of the ride:

The ride cost will be calculated automatically on basis of the cost of gas and vehicle maintenance cost of the vehicle. All the payment will be done via the online system only.

My own personal experience:

SeatsPlanet is really beneficial for everyone. Whenever I use to travel for commuting I always trust this app. It’s safe and also good in every sense. It’s helpful for everyone.

Kindly note, this service is available in Repentigny, Boucherville, and Terrebonne. It will be soon available in several countries, languages and currencies.

Last words:

SeatsPlanet is a wonderful app which I would like to recommend to everyone. Really it’s an amazing app for everyone.

Summary: SeatsPlanet is a riding application which can be used for posting the ride and searching for the ride. It is available on iOS and Android platforms.

  • Accessibility: 4.5
  • Usability: 4.5
  • Features: 4.5
  • Graphics: 5

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