Christmas is almost here, and you are most certainly planning for it in earnest. While making these plans, do not forget that they will be also a New Year’s Eve celebration. This is a day to have fun, while you reflect on the upcoming year, and celebrate the year that has gone by. But with so much to do, and various media outlets nudging on ways to spend your day, you might end up confused. To help you plan for this day, here are the top 4 things to do this NYE.  

1. Clean Your Apartment

Most people tend to stay up partying and drinking all night on New Year’s Eve. Do not be like most people. You can start your year on a different note. Try and give your apartment a new look to start your new year on a fresh note. You can get rid of items you no longer use, then do a thorough cleaning of your house, and rearrange your furniture. While it may seem like an odd activity to undertake on a night everyone is out partying, you find that it is a much fulfilling activity once you finish the next day. You will not only start the new with a clean house, but will also have saved a considerable amount of money you would have used partying. 

2. Try Gambling Online

Instead of starting your year with a negative budget, you can also try and make money and have fun at the same time. There are a lot of online gambling sites that are giving Christmas bonuses. These sites do not need you to deposit any money to get spins. You just need to log in, find you some spins that are offered to you for free, and try your luck. Who knows? you might end and start another year with money in your bank. You can try as many of these spins as they are available. One of the best platforms you can use for gaming is Bonus Finder, Canada. With their free spins, you can start playing without having to make a deposit.

3. Go for a Midnight Run

Maybe your New Year’s resolve is to start a fitness journey, lose weight and try to get that perfect body. While most people tend to start such activities almost on the 10th day of January, you can decide to do it differently. If you leave in a safe neighborhood, why not take a midnight walk or run. You will enjoy the cool breeze at night, and still, catch up with the new year’s activities as you run around your home area. Starting on such a high note will motivate you to keep going instead of quitting like most people. 

4. Have a Game Night

You can gather your friends at your place and play some games instead of going to clubs or bars. It is a good way of reflecting on the old year and planning on the new one as you enjoy the games. Some of the games you can play include mancala, monopoly, Ludo, some drinking games and others. You will have a lot of fun and won’t have to risk driving while drunk, since you can all spend the night at your place.