Project management applications are meant for business and corporate users who are in great need to stay organized with little or no compromise on their work productivity. While laptop has greater mobility, they do have their limitations and this is when the project management applications on your palms in the iPhone come handy to use. Using iPhone on the road will also cause you less distraction to you and others, in other words, will invite less attention. I am telling this from my personal experience.

If you own an iPhone then go ahead and read these 7 smart project management tools which you can find in the Apples app store.

Here is the list,

1. Insight:

This is one of the most popular and useful tool developed by Basecamp, for managing your practicals efficiently using your iPhone. The complete features of this app are available using their API and are accessible by paying a small fee for downloading. Some of the functionalities that you can include will scheduling your meetings, preparing to do list and deciding on your goals and milestones to reach your goals.

Download: Insight

2. iRedMine:

This popular self-hosted project management tool can integrate and synchronize well with your PC and iPhone. This iPhone app has all the essential tools for managing your project like assigning and tracking tickets and collaborating with other team members or clients involved in the project. You all can always be in touch with each other updating the status of your role, and will help you to develop close-knit team spirits, even if you all are located nearer to each other.

Download: iRedMine

3. Remember the Milk:

This is one of the renounced task list organizer that helps both professionals and ultimately for everyone. You can keep track of tasks using the calendar, task list and a note function for storing more details about the work to be done. This, in short is your dairy on your palm.

Download: Remember The Milk

4. Merlin:

If you are looking for an iPhone application that blends well with iPhone, then Merlin project management tool is an exclusively designed application for Mac users. This has the following features like collaboration features, checklists, file storage and filing system for issues that requires resolution on a later instance, and is accessible using your iPhone, if you have the application installed.

Download: Merlin

5. Dropbox:

Despite not being a true project management application, this is much useful for managing projects for their utility and ability to share files and accessibility for collaborative options, with the minimal featuresfor keeping track of progress in tickets and to dos. As this is internally designed and comes with iPhone,there seems to be fewer problems in using them with enhanced versatility.

Download: DropBox

6. Webex:

This very useful tool will help you to be organized online meetings on the go, when your project members are not located near each other. For this you will require a 3G or a Wi-Fi connection like schedule, start, attend and end the meetings using your iPhone with a full screen view that you can view shared documents, chat with participants and audio controls.

Download: Webex

7. Evernote:

This is a very useful iPhone application that which blends will with both Mac and Windows, coming at no cost, is a very valuable tool for synchronizing with your computer for files and photo sharing. You can always keep updating the status of your tasks with no hassles.

Download: Evernote

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