Do you have a fantasy in your life or any wish that you want to make true? Well, everyone has a fantasy and some wishes in their life. Fantasy is only an imagination but wishes come true for some people. However, I was a different case! I want to make the fantasy of my life come true! Yes! My fantasy in life is to speak from my grave after I die! Seems awkward! Of Course it may sound like that! But, have you ever thought of that? Can it become possible in this era of technology where things are becoming more convenient than earlier and life has been totally changed for everyone. Then why not this?

Today, everything has become digital and a lot of apps are coming out to make our life easier than before! There is a new app in the market which lets you speak from the grave. Don’t worry, you will not actually speak from your grave. It only means that you can make your own will about the assets or any belongings that you want to hand over to the family or any other member you trust upon before you die. It clarifies what’s left after dying. The app is none other than My Last Will, which has been developed by Inc in November, 2018. 

My Last Will is compatible with all the devices having the latest version of the Android Operating System. To start with, you need to Sign Up simply on the app. The app allows users to create their own video wills which may include any messages or just a video. With the app, you can create a last will, living will or just a message to convey to your loved ones.

Let me give you a brief idea about all these vertical applications. By creating a Last will, you can make a video containing messages about what should happen to your body after your demise. Whereas, Living will is about a video statement detailing a person’s desire regarding their future or any medical treatment they need which they are no longer to express. On the other hand, Message is used to leave a personal video message to your loved ones. So MLW works as a demise notification where you can set notifiers, representatives and recipients to communicate your will effectively.

You can decide which family member and friends will get notified after your demise via an automated message or email. You only need to pay a fee, input the contacts to be notified, and make a last will, living will, or last loving message. The app sends timely notifications via text or e-mail to set minds at ease and leave no inheritance to chance upon the user’s passing.

Overall, MyLastWill is a great app to gift your parents or loved ones. The app is user-friendly and a superb way to convey messages to the family, after you’ve passed away.

So every soul will rest in peace if they make their last will and convey to their loved ones in the simplest way ever!

The app is available for free on the Google Play store. Get it now!

Pros: user-friendly app; lets you speak from the grave; unique concept; great gift idea for your parents; no documents required; pay less; free to download. 

Cons: none.

I will give this app 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Worth Having App- Download the App