Finishing college is a great time. You are young, ambitious, have lots of goals, and are finally free to find a use for all the knowledge gained.

However, there is something that troubles most of the graduates. How to find a job after college having no experience?

At first glance, it seems extremely difficult. Many people think that employers are not interested in inexperienced candidates. Yet, if you have enough skills, are persuasive and hard-working, nothing can stop you.

Below you will find five steps to start a mobile app developer career for recent graduates.

It All Starts With a CV

First of all, to apply for any job, you will need to create a CV.

Although sometimes it looks like you have nothing to mention except education, you can always write about your hard and soft skills, projects, volunteering, internship, grades, and diploma work. 

Do you know HTML, CSS, JavaScript, or maybe even jQuery? You have to highlight all the advantages. 

The fact that there is no previous workplace doesn’t mean that you can’t write a strong resume. Still, many people prefer delegating the creation of the CV to professionals like those employed at EssayPro expert writing service. This way, they make sure that the result is as good as it can be.

All in all, don’t underestimate the importance of this step as the CV is the first thing a potential employer is going to learn about you.

Search for Your Dream Companies

The next step would be to find several vacancies in companies where you would like to start your career. Of course, you should not expect to enter a world of big players like Fueled, WillowTree, or Dom & Tom at once. Find some smaller local companies or startups, who are recruiting young professionals. 

Carefully read the requirements – often, it is stated that a company is looking for someone with 1-2 years of experience( especially in the IT sphere). In this case, on most search websites, you can use a filter “no experience.” 

To decide whether you are a perfect fit for the chosen organization, you can also go to the company’s website and read about their values, motto, goals. If possible, check some of their latest products. If something resonates with your beliefs, don’t wait and send your resume. 

Don’t choose a job based only on the salary. Decide what sparks interest in you – creating games, apps for businesses, educational apps, and services, etc. 

Keep in mind that being an app developer takes a lot of concentration and attention to detail, every day dealing with algorithms and programing, continuous work on upgrades. All of this is not always fun and creative. You have to be ready for this kind of work and know that it is not for everyone.

Prepare for the Interview

Don’t expect to receive a call from every company you’ve contacted. Concentrate on getting ready for the interview you get.

Start with thoroughly looking through the website and think of your motivation to work at a particular place. Be ready for technical questions – read the requirements in the vacancy description once again. 

You definitely don’t want to fail because of some technical details that haven’t paid attention to. Also, be honest. If your knowledge of C++ is what’s called general, be earnest and better say that you will work on improving it. 

That’s it – your motivation and knowledge are all you have to demonstrate. So there is no need to be nervous. Stay calm but enthusiastic. And don’t forget to put on business-style clothing, no jeans and hoodies this time.

Moment of Truth

Right after the interview, it may seem unclear which impression you have made. Luckily, soon you will know the answer. It is possible that the company managed to find someone more fitting. It must not be a source of negative thoughts.

If you were called to inform that the company can’t offer you a job, ask about the reason and what were your weak points. This way, you’ll know what to work on, which is great. If the reason was a lack of knowledge – consider taking an extra course

Apart from that, there is always an opportunity to start working on your own. You can offer your services to customers on freelance exchange platforms. However, you should not expect that success will find on you right after registration.

At first, you will have to take small and simple orders. Over time you will be able to develop truly impressive projects for customers not only in your country but all over the world.

Final Words

As you can guess, everyone finds a first job having no experience. Finding your place after graduation is not an easy thing but also not as hard as you think.

There are only a few steps that will lead you to the start of a successful mobile app developer career. Hope that this guiding article will come in handy and wish you luck on the way to your dream job!