December End, Its great holiday season to enjoy ourself. Meantime it is the best time for online shops to increase their sales by creative marketing methods. People will start purchasing their products mostly on holiday and of course for their Christmas and new year celebration. I would like to share few tips to follow, definitely it will help you increase sales.


Must follow tips to increase sales:

  1. Discount – Generally in holiday shopping buyers will expect more offer to the products. So you need to offer the considerable discount on prices. It is a key to compete with your competitors too. Best price shops always having best earning.
  2. Gift Card, Redeem coupon – Provider every customers a gift coupon or redeem code to use them next shopping, so you never lose your customer at single shopping.
  3. Return policy- Must offer flexible return policy to your buyers. It will make them shop confidently from your shop.
  4. Social media – People often to visit social media sites at holiday season, let them monitor your ads, Must use social media portal to advertise your offers. It will definitely increase your sales. You can try Facebook, Google cpc. It works good than any other PPC campaign.
  5. Create funny videos about your offers and  products. It will attract more customers to your shop, do publish those videos on youtube, dailymotion and some other popular video marketing sites.
  6. Create as much as possible payment gateways. Buyers never wish to put effort on making your payment gateway, so let them use their existing way to pay your order.
  7. Encourage affiliates members and increase their  commission at-least few months before holiday season. They ll generate more leads to your sales.
  8. Email marketing- The best way to call your old customer to avail your new holiday offers. Send them attractive email newsletters to get them back.
  9. Banner Ads – Do spend some money for marketing your offer sales on relevant sites. It will boost your sales.
  10. 10.Be honest – you need to prompt in delivery date. Do not fix any hidden charge with the product price. If you do so, you ll lose the no.of returning customers to your shop. Also you ll lose your image on market.
  11. 11.Ensure your shopping site speed to make your buyers happy. Do not let the valuable buyers go away from your site.
  12. 12.Make your site full of offer banners, coupon details and so on. So that buyers willing to double the purchase.

Author Bio:  Thirumalai – Online Marketing Enthusiast, Working as an Internet marketing executive at AJ Square Inc , One of best MLM script providers.