In today’s competitive marketing environment, having an effective marketing campaign is key to growing your customer base and expanding your business. As a small business, however, it is not advisable to spend money and precious resources on marketing campaigns that do not generate any results. Thus, you need to be sure that your marketing campaigns are working and generating sales for your business.

But the big question most marketers ask before launching a marketing campaign is; how do you select the most successful? Well, many businesses receive their leads via phone calls. Even though many prospective customers begin their search on landing pages, they will most likely end up making a call. This is why you need software for call tracking in your business.

What Is Call Tracking?

Call tracking can be defined as the process of tracking, analyzing and measuring data from your incoming calls. As an entrepreneur who runs marketing campaigns, it is very important to keep track and collect data from all incoming calls so that you can adjust your campaigns to something that actually drives conversions.

A call tracking software such as AvidTrak can help you keep track of your incoming calls, collect data and give you detailed analytics that will show you the campaigns that are unprofitable and should be discontinued and the best performing ones which should be doubled.

How can you use call tracking to make the best use and improve the efficiency of your ads?

Here are 3 tips to optimize your ads with call tracking.

1. Know Your Audience

The importance of understanding your audience in any kind of marketing cannot be overemphasized. By using the data you collect through the call tracking software you will be able to know which demographics are engaging with your ads.

Call tracking is a useful tool for comparing call volumes and checking the conversion rates of a particular audience that the ad was directed to. Thus, you can be able to eliminate the demographics that do not engage with your ad and focus on the ones that do.

If you are using a call tracking software that allows you to record calls, you will get more benefits since you will be able to understand the customer’s needs better and you can use this information to improve your ads.

2. Capture and Rate Your Leads Properly

One big mistake many businesses make is failing to capture leads properly in their CRM systems. When leads are classified and rated accurately, it becomes very easy to get instant information about the marketing campaign that drove them. When you understand the specific keywords that generated the call, the process of tracking effective lead sources through your management system accurately becomes easier.

3. Use Call Tracking To Gather Customer Feedback and Intelligence

Every year, businesses around the world spend billions of dollars collecting customer feedback so that they can improve their products. By using call tracking software, you can effortlessly gather feedback from your customers through the conversations on the telephone.

You can then use this information to modify your ads, eliminate concerns and any false perceptions that your prospective customers may have about your business, and increase conversions. With call tracking software, you don’t just listen to customer conversations; you use them to optimize your business.