Most of the time when I review dating applications I find them to be quite generic and without much sense of innovation, however there was something quite different about Personality Match that really motivated me to use it. Perhaps it was the stage of my life that I was in or my current relationship status; in any case, I was compelled! Meet Personality Match – one of the newest dating apps on the scene which seems to be a real hit amongst its users. I decided to put the ’new kid on the dating app block’ to the test. Having experienced the majority of dating apps out there already, this app turned out to be quite a surprise package.

The new Personality Match app available in the iOS App Store and Google Playstore is ultimately a quiz application that tests what kind of personality you have by asking you several questions about yourself. Similarly to how someone might ask you questions in a real life dating scenario.

I’ll say it time and time again, when an application is free it changes the game and I’ll have you know that Personality Match comes at no download cost. You can log in via Facebook or direct sign up where personally the Facebook route is always a lot easier for me. From a user experience point of view, the sign up process was easy to navigate and was well simplified. The applications functionality is always something I pay careful attention to, where Personality Match didn’t seem to confuse me at any point during its use. From an aesthetic point of view, the design is clean and purposeful without any unnecessary clutter.

The personality match quiz starts once you’ve logged in. Each multiple choice style question is tailored to your personality as best possible – For example, what’s one word that best describes you, or what do your friend’s describe you as?’ Nothing too personal but detailed enough to gain some good insight about you.

After completing the quiz, you’re provided with a summary of your personality type. How exciting! Your own in-pocket psychoanalysis is complete where the app offers you the opportunity to view a more detailed breakdown of your personality type.

You’re now at the point where you know everything about your personality you never knew before. The app then gives the option to actually compare personalities of your friends and family. This is actually quite handy when you want to decide on important things like whether the cute guy from chemistry class is better off in the �friend zone’, or if your ex-girlfriend is in fact a great match for you and you should keep perusing the relationship!

I thought it would be quite nifty to fire off a Tweet about Personality Match, encouraging my followers to take the personality test. It was really interesting to test our results together. I actually found that I was a great match for people that I never imagined could be compatible with me. It provides a great outline of our personalities and basically who we’d get along with in life.

All in all, the quizzes on Personality Match are really fun and relatively detailed. I guess I’m just a sucker for apps like these being the romantic personality type I am. Personality Match told me so…

Worth Having App – Download the App