Talk of ice floes, picturesque islands, rugged shores, and the northern lights. This country is also filled with bustling cities, historic brightly coloured buildings, wide open spaces and dinghies gliding by. Lush greeneries, multibillion-dollar tech enterprises, and innovators, Sweden is a beautiful mixture of unique elements and history. In regard to tourism, Sweden is a very beautiful place to visit and spend time in. And if you’re more of a gaming and betting person, there are plenty of Swedish casinos with good bonus. Despite being a small country with approximately 10 million locals, Sweden attracts a little over 5 million tourists a year. You are probably planning to visit Sweden for a vacation or you are planning to move there. This article will give you some tips that will ensure your stay in Sweden is magical.

  1. Coffee is life

Swedes are mad about coffee. You will soon be familiar with terms like Fika, which is basically to take a coffee break that is accompanied by sweet biscuits or cookies. The Swedish people will find any excuse to take time out for coffee. Once you get integrated into this system you will enjoy great conversations at beautiful places while downing your cup of coffee or tea with some baked goodies. Fika is not just a coffee break like any other; it is a concept of art that is zealously practiced.

  1. The sun never sets in summer

This is one of the most beautiful this about Sweden. If you happen to visit during summer, you will notice that the days are very long. The sun rises at approximately 3.30am and sets at 10.30 pm. How amazing is that! This means you will have all the time to explore and take amazing pictures. The opposite is true during winter, the days are shorter and the nights longer.

  1. Seafood

Seafood is king in Sweden. If you love seafood, you will without doubt love Swede. Being a coastal country that is island-heavy, there is plenty of seafood. The chefs in different hotels and restaurants have also specialized in making delicious seafood dishes. With so many varieties available, all you need is an open mind and an empty stomach and I promise that you will definitely find something you love and leave with a full stomach.

  1. The Swedish are environmental cautious

Tap water is preferred over bottled water. The water is well-filtered, safe, and crisply fresh. This reduces the use of plastic bottles and littering with the same after use. All you need is to carry around a refillable bottle. In addition, the Swedish are very serious about recycling. Some households have even up to 7 trash bin! Different wastes go into different bins. Ensure to throw the right trash in the right bin to help keep the environment clean and safe.

  1. English is widely spoken

As much as try if you are not a native, you will definitely butcher some of the Swedish words and names of places. But that should not worry you; the Swedish are really lovely and helpful. In addition, English is widely spoken and you will not have much difficulty communicating.

Final tip

In sum, make the best out your stay in Sweden, make memories, take a lot of pictures and make friends while at it. And also, don’t leave Sweden without getting a taste of this beautiful country’s nightlife. Be daring enough and visit the casinos, or even play at a Sweden online casino from the comfort of your hotel room. Speaking of internet casinos, you can always get information online about the best Swedish online casino, safe Swedish casinos, free Swedish casinos, casinos without deposit requirements, and much more. If you’re looking for such a site where you can get all the information you need about new Swedish online casinos, compare Swedish casinos, and even place your bets, you might want to visit If you are fully involved, you will definitely have the best time of your life.