Online shopping is great, right? No queues, no pressure, no need to leave the house. The huge downside we’ve yet to be able to solve is the fact you can’t try your clothes on. This leads to a ton of returns and it isn’t great for the environment. Well, you couldn’t try clothes on until now.

TRYO is an AR app with over 500 items from dozens of your favorite brands, and their collection is constantly expanding. From watches and hats to glasses and sneakers, you’ll be able to see how they look on you before you buy them. The AR models are incredibly lifelike and realistic, giving you the closest experience to in-person shopping you’ll be able to find without actually going to the store.

Setting up requires no calibration or special settings, you can start trying on new styles in seconds. If you like something, you’ll be able to go directly to the website to buy the product.

Whether you’re exploring new styles or shopping for something to fit into your existing style, TRYO gives you the most lifelike way to try before you buy.

Check out TRYO on IOS today! Visit their Official Website here.