iPhone App marketing is really tough job until you know the power of social media and how to use it to promote an app. Facebook is the term which we remember when social media enters. Using facebook fan pages for app marketing is imperative.  Facebook page is one of the easy way to reach your end users and it will make good chance for interaction about your apps with fans.  Let me tell some important notes on facebook page and how to use it for iphone app marketing.

1. Creating a Facebook Fan page for your App

Making a separate fan page for your every app is not gonna be a tough work which really needs 4 or 5 mins.  Creating a page will let users of your app to share with their network in single click. Facebook offers creation of fan page at free of cost with more marketing facilities.  You can not make customized url for your page until you reach at least 25 fans. While customizing your page url, add your app name with page url, it will helps your fans to find your official page via search engines.

Use this link to create your own facebook fan page for app – http://www.facebook.com/pages/create.php

2. Details of the App should be Added

Just creation of fan page will not bring you any impact on app sales. You need to fill out all relevant information regarding your app like little description, date of release, upcoming versions and more. It will reach your app fans easily. In image section, you can add your app screen shots and good to add your demo or trial videos on right section.

3. Form Attractive Welcome Page

you need to create fabulous welcome tab on your facebook page. It may contain attractive screens of your app, or else you can add your trial video on welcome tab. You can add desired tab using Static FBML app in facebook, this app will help you to make multiple tabs on your facebook fan page. After creating a welcome page, you need to set welcome tab as a landing page in page settings menu.

4. Facebook Wall Updates

Wall is the place where you need to do regular update of your app. You can make your new announcements, give away, contest and more on your wall. You will get response from your fans, making a separate facebook fan page will help your fans to interact with each other regarding app and its pitfalls. Being a page admin, you need to reply your fans as quick as possible.  Make a suggestion tab if you can, It is a easy way to get more valuable suggestion from fans.

5. Badges for Facebook Fans

your app fans will not come to know that you have created a wonderful page for the app. It is our duty to let them know and to getting fans. So we need little advertising for your facebook page. You should make attractive banners or badges about your facebook page for the app. Spread it on your friends community, forums, blogs and app developer site. Badges and banners should be linked with your newly created fan pages.

Being active moderator on you iphone app facebook page will get you success very soon, fans are our app users. So be clear in your view while answering their queries.  All this process will not need any cost, Why dont we use this free method to market our app?.

Author Bio:

Article By Thirumalairajan,  Working as an Internet Marketing Executive for HSA Studios – iphone app development company and AJ Square Inc – Software Consultancy Services.