Ever feel like you pay too much for people to fix your roof, build a house or do some plastering? Feel like you can do those things on your own if you actually had a guide to tell you how to do things? DIYmate is an application that allows you to do things on your own while providing an interactive tool shed and a guide for you to remember how to do things. Say goodbye to rising handyman or contractor bills, DIYmate is available for iPhone, iPod touch or iPad and allows you to fix things with ease. You can even have simple tasks such as changing a lightbulb, which is perfect for women as well when there is no one else to help them out.

When you open up the main menu, you can find various categories for Do-it-yourself guides. All you need to do is scroll down to the category you want and click on go at the bottom. We would’ve chosen to just click on the category instead of looking for the “go” button, but there’s no hassle in doing a little more work. The first one is “The Basics”, where you can wire plugs, change lightbulbs and you can keep scrolling on the bottom in order to find more projects to do at home. If you feel like you need help as far as building goes, try out this category because it states every step: from local planning to building procedures.

Other categories such as flat roofing and plastering provide detailed videos that show you the tools you need and the procedure step by step so that you can follow them easily. Not only do you do things easily, you do quality work if you follow the steps from each video explanation. You can also place tiles and even calculate the amount of tiles you would need for each wall. All you need to do is measure each wall, input your measurements on the calculator and the size of each tile and the calculator automatically will tell you how many tiles you would need to place on the wall or room (Depending on how many walls you would want to decorate).

Last, but not least, you have a maintenance category in order to keep your home up and running without having to fix major problems. Just choose a season and the application automatically tells you the projects accordingly. For example, in spring, the app will show possible problems that you may already have on your chimney. The application would explain the symptoms and you would have to check whatever the application tells you.

As for the price of this application, for only 99 cents you can have all these features and you can be sure that with all the videos explaining this application, you will effectively complete maintenance work as well as other home projects that you would’ve normally paid hundreds of dollars to complete. After all, with this economy, you have to reduce your bills somehow and this is just the way to save money and have some fun if you put family members or friends to help you out around the house. If you have an iPad, then you can take the most advantage from this application, since you can easily view the videos as you are doing the projects instead of the iPhone or iPod touch screen. The application could do better and include more projects and we will have to wait and see if the new updates contain new and better projects that you can do by yourself.

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