A 9×9 Sudoku puzzle is the most typical game preferred by many Sudoku gamers, especially beginners. It is commonly printed in newspapers to engage its players to solve the number puzzles logically. As a beginner, your journey does not have to end with the experience of a 9×9 Sudoku puzzle. Do not get bored and quit playing Sudoku games. As far as Sudoku is concerned, much more besides a 9×9 puzzle will challenge your logical thinking. Sudoku games are different according to images used, color, symbols, words, and configuration of the cages. Below is an illustration of different Sudoku games and how to play them.

Different Types of Sudoku Games

·         Number Sudoku

·         Jigsaw Sudoku

·         Symbol Sudoku

·         Samurai Sudoku

·         Word Sudoku

·         Image Sudoku

Number Sudoku

A number puzzle Sudoku requires you to work with numbers to fill in empty boxes arranged in rows and columns. There are different levels and rules to play this game. You should not repeat the same number in the same row, column, or a 3×3 square grid. Press the empty box you want to fill and pick a number from the number bar provided.

Jigsaw Sudoku

Most Sudoku games are designed with the sense that the cages take either a rectangular or a square shape. With jigsaw Sudoku, the cages are designed in different interlocking configurations, making them difficult to handle.

Symbol Sudoku

A symbol Sudoku puzzle is designed with the use of symbols instead of colors and numbers. Some symbols are prefilled for you, and your task is to identify the missing symbol that will fill in the empty boxes. A symbol should not be repeatedly used in the same row, column, or a 3×3 square grid.

Samurai Sudoku

If you think all the other puzzles do not match up your intelligence, then try Samurai Sudoku. Samurai Sudoku is a large puzzle that is more complicated to solve. A combination of five 9×9 grids puzzles is prepared in an overlapping manner to challenge you. You will participate in five different Sudoku games at the same time. Adhere to the basic rules of a normal Sudoku game while handling the overlapping grids and make sure that the outer corners of the external puzzles resemble the corners of the middle puzzle.

 Word Sudoku

Here you should replace numbers with letters. When letters are correctly placed into the grid, words are spelled. Sometimes, you may discover a hidden world within the puzzle whose size is determined by the width and length of the puzzle grid. The likes of Sudoku word puzzles are the crossword Sudoku puzzle and the word search Sudoku puzzle.

Image Sudoku

Images with different variations are used in place of numbers and colors. Image puzzles can sometimes be tricky, especially when images used in the grids have small variations.

Mistakes and Misconceptions of Sudoku

People often take the wrong turn while playing Sudoku, which leads them not to enjoy Sudoku puzzles solving experience. The following is a list of mistakes you should not make to guarantee a smooth experience with Sudoku.

  • Do not use mathematical skills to solve the game. Use logic.
  • Do not guess.
  • Do not avoid open groups of boxes.
  • Do not focus only on the successful 3×3 grids and forget the bigger grid.
  • Do not forget to analyze each row and column.

People also have some myths associated with Sudoku, which leads to wrong judgment in the game. Note the following list of beliefs and save yourself the trouble of having to give up on playing Sudoku puzzle games before you even start.

  • You must be an excellent mathematician to play- It is not. You need only to spot the pattern.
  • It is a game of luck- It is not. It is a game of logic.
  • Most puzzles in Sudoku are impossible to solve- Some of the most advanced Sudoku puzzles might be challenging to solve, but they are all solvable.
  • Sudoku puzzles require guessing- Never guess with Sudoku. Spot opportunities to place your valid solution.

Final Words

Small grid puzzles like 4×4 are easier to handle than the more challenging ones like a 25×25 Sudoku puzzle game. Whichever the color, shape, or image form the Sudoku game takes, every Sudoku game is enjoyable and exciting. Your promotion to the next level for every Sudoku game depends on completing the current level that shows you are ready for it. Each level becomes more difficult as you scale up.

 Do not take heed of the mistakes and misconceptions that come with Sudoku puzzle games. They should limit you or discourage you from starting your adventurous journey with Sudoku. Sudoku is not only for “smart people.” Do not underestimate yourself. You are as good as they are. Start playing Sudoku today.