Today, it’s not difficult to go to a place that you don’t know. Gone are the days when you asked someone for an address. Now, you need simply an Internet connection for searching anything on Google. The technology has made our lives simpler and easier than before. You can install the Google Maps app on your Smartphone and search for any location worldwide. If you want to go to a place, then search for that place on the map by just entering the destination place. The Google map will do the rest for you! You’ll get the directions, best route, minimum time taken to reach the place, etc. with just a blink of an eye. You will get everything in real-time, including traffic jams or any other thing. No matter, what is your current location, Google map will help you get the best route for you!  

So what I want to say is that it has become possible just because of the app developers who work very hard to make our lives easier. One such innovative solution is “GEOCODE API which helps in building your application and does half of the work for you with less development cost. 

Geocoding is the process of converting addresses (like ” 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA”) into geographic coordinates- longitude and latitude which you can use to place markers on a map, or position the map. You can use the Geocoding API to find the address for a given place ID. It provides a direct way to access these services via an HTTP request. 

Geocoding requires high server capacity and a maximum of data availability. For this, the API provides you everything, you need to focus only on building your application. 

The main benefit of Geocode API in your business app is that it cuts your development costs and makes your business scalable because it’s a fast and reliable geocoding and geoparsing tool. This Geocode API enables you to perform geoparsing and geocoding at scale. It provides worldwide data which is updated frequently and gives you real-time results. You can make 3,000 search requests/ day so that your app can build fast. There are no rate limits, you can choose a plan that suits your business needs. For example- a free plan which has no cost, small, medium or large plan which has different benefits in terms of requests, etc.  Here, you don’t need to worry about money because you have to pay only for what you need. 

When you search for an address in the search bar, you will get real-time results in the JSON format as well as in the formatted view. They are easy to integrate into any application. Both are machine-readable as well as human-readable. There are so many uses of Geocode API. While building your application, you can make changes to your app by providing a fast and easy to use location input field with the auto completion process. You can enrich your CRM data with this API and also clean and normalize your data so that the data can be easily visualized. The team of Geocode API will support you all the time and will help you while integrating the software. All the support tickets are answered within one business day. You just need to reach out via E-mail.

So go through this application and read more about it, it’s just amazing! Try it now!