Exercising every day is a healthy habit. It keeps you fit and makes you feel fresh both in and out. Unless you have proper guidance to execute everything correctly, you may not reach your goals. We all have a personal trainer initially to teach us what and how it has to be done until we do it with perfection. If you are one such fitness freak and can’t take a day off without exercising, then this app would be the right choice for you.  

Given by Kavit Thakrar, Sokavfit is an app that acts as a personal trainer for you. It assists users in attaining their fitness goals without any injury. It provides the proper guidance so that you could reach your fitness form in a shorter period. It so easily fills the place of your trainer in case you had any. This would be your new handy personal trainer that you could carry in your pockets.

Sokavfit checks how well you do your workouts and sets goals for you to achieve them. Sokavfit helps improve the form you are exercising in. It utilizes your phone’s camera to capture the position you are in and gives you feedback on the performance of your exercise. Users will get the best tips and advice to improve. Users need not worry about privacy as no videos would be stored or sent elsewhere.

Sokavfit Tainer gives you various workouts along with a timer. Users can choose the workout they want to try, then turn on the camera and start doing it. The app corrects the posture you are in if you are doing it wrong. It also lets you choose the timer countdown for the number of counts you prefer to do the exercise. The most impressive part of the app is this and it gave me the real feel of exercising with the trainer nearby. 

Sokavfit Tainer belongs to the ‘Health and Fitness category and is available for both iOS and Android devices as a paid as well as a free app. It is so neatly designed and you won’t have any hassle using it. The app is compatible with Android 6.0 and above versions and requires iOS 12.0 or later versions and macOS 11.0 or later and a Mac with the Apple M1 chip. When you have any queries, suggestions or feedback, you can write to the team at sokavlife@gmail.com.

Sokavfit Tainer is one awesome fitness app that will help you get fit from any place and at any time you desire.

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