Mobile applications are in great demand and the current trend is that every operating system come up with their own set of mobile applications, which began with the Apple Market.  Of all the mobile applications that are being used, the most popularly used mobile applications will include the use of money transfer applications.

In the past mobile phones were purchased for the built-in mobile applications. But with the advent of smartphones and the concept of the ability to download third party mobile applications, this is possible to download the mobile application that you want, so that you can now buy a mobile phone that has features that you like and not the applications that you want.

Besides mobile services are also coming up with the concept of Enterprise service, in which the mobile workers permit synchronization of ERP services and systems. Most of the product companies also produce a version that is compatible with the smartphone. One of the other popular mobile applications will include the applications that allow you to read emails, and they are the ones that are being most widely used.

This is possible to do mobile morphing using cloud and virtualization. A single device will soon be used as a mobile phone, still and video camera, credit card, location device, gaming device, music player and many more of the other uses, using these applications and synchronization over cloud computing. Though the technology looks exciting, there is a potential threat of losing your personal and vital information in the cloud. This technology is still novice and needs to be developed before put into wide practice. Already Apple has introduced the concept of cloud computing, in which the mobile devices are morphed using cloud and virtualization.

Besides, these applications, some of the other common applications and one of the most potential market will involve the use of games applications. These applications tends to pacify the desires of the mobile users, a wide range of mobile games that varies from simple to complex games, which tests the memory and aptitude of the user and helps them to grow up into a better individuals while relaxing over a game and a cup of tea. With the available of cloud computing this is possible to get into multiplayer mode and play with a friend in India from US.

In addition, mobile phones are turning into personal digital assistants (PDAs) though they cannot replace them, and there are a number of mobile applications that make life easy. The most close application that has been released today is the Siri in iPhone 4S, which does many of the jobs of a PDA and that too by enjoying the comforts of voice recognized application that identifies and opens the Application that you want using voice guidance. This is the latest technology and is sure to revolutionize the way you will want to use your mobile phone and the related mobile applications.

According to the current trend mobile applications are using cloud computing and other alike technologies and are going global!

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