Keeping track of one’s cell phone is important. With the advancements in technology, a cellular phone has become one device which gives its owner the world in his hands. So whether it is surfing the internet to find out about an eating joint or using the device to do some online shopping, a cellular phone has indeed attained omnipresent and omnipotent status. There are a few things to be kept in mind when ensuring that your phone is traceable or when you are attempting to track a lost device.

Ways of tracking the phone

As we learned from, with the advancement of cell phone tracking technology using GPS and/or GSM technology we are able to effortlessly get the location of a cellular device. The device need not be active in terms of a call but it will have to be switched on for the tracking methodology to work. The more popular way of searching for the phone is by GPS or Global Positioning System which works with the help of a network of satellites. The signals flow between the device and the satellites and these signals are used to track the location of the said phone. If the device does not have a GPS system, then there are other options of tracking the phone. One way is to fit a modem on the phone. By programming the modem, one can make a call to it and get an answering SMS with the phone’s location. The cell phone can also be “fitted” with maps and software that can generate information on its location.

Level of control

There are plenty of maps and software that can be installed on the cell phone but just to elucidate with an example – there is Google Latitude. This kind of software also gives the user a high degree of control in terms of how much of information to reveal. With this software one can determine how many people can track the cellular phone.

Using apps

Apps or applications are the easiest way in which to keep track of the cell phone. Most of these applications are specific to the device or operating system. For instance, Android phones can be tracked with apps like Where’s My Droid. There are plenty of apps in the market space and it would be good to do a bit of research before choosing one. Once these apps have been installed on the device, it can be tracked via SMS alerts or even by sending a command to the device which will turn up the ringer at full volume.

Location specific apps

Before choosing and installing apps, it would be good to check up whether they are location specific. For instance, World Tracker is a UK mobile phone location service. Going in for an application to help track one’s cell phone should cover all the possible places that you are going to travel to.

Why use cell phone tracking?

The most obvious use of the cell phone tracking capability is to locate a phone if it gets stolen or misplaced. The other use is for personal emergencies. A 911 call from a cellular phone can be traced back to the location if the phone tracking software exists on the device.