Android apps are flowing in the market every week and naturally it might be becoming hard for you to keep a track on the popular ones. Are you in search of the best apps this year that are interesting, productive and super fun to play? Well, if yes and you do not know what to download to make your Android phone the jack of all trades, then don’t sweat!

Here we have listed the best 5 free Android apps of 2016 so that you can download and start using as soon as possible:

The List of the Top Five Free Android Apps of 2016

  1. The OneView calendar: As the name suggests, you get only one view.   Its take on setting the functions of a calendar is slightly different. Let’s look at its features.
  • Maintains a chronological order to view daily calendar.
  • Zoom in and zoom out to view the details at one place.
  • Drag and drop functions and various gesture controls to help you create the most suitable events.
  • Simple, fun and perfectly suitable for your phone’s memory.
  1. The Traffic Cam: Perfect for the safety of women and your loved ones, this thoughtful and easy to use app helps you ensure your own safety when you    are alone in a hotel. Sex offenders usually make hotels as their best resort for running sex scams like photo shoots and alike. This app functions to find out such sex traffickers. Here are its perks:
  • Uses an extensive criminal database to search.
  • Easy and user friendly to use.
  • Great for the safety of women.
  • Simple, responsive and effective.
  1. Prisma: On a lighter note, this awesome photo editing app has taken over the Internet. Why? Because even celebs are trying out the trend themselves. The photograph you upload is broken down using the network of server side neural and you get to transform your photo into an art with the plenty of options provided. Here are some of its features:
  • Modern art filters.
  • Legendary artworks and styles of artists like Picasso, Munk, etc.
  • Share fast and in dynamic places.
  • Offers awesome and fun photo effects.
  1. Microsoft Flow: One of the most helpful apps that you must download at the moment! This app helps you to set a timer to complete various phone actions, automatically. If you want to know about its features, here they go:
  • Like IFTTT works, Microsoft Flow will let you schedule a  task to be completed such as uploading a file to Dropbox.
  • It is extremely useful and helpful and increases productivity of user
  • Users can set timers as per their preference to schedule tasks
  • With its help you will not miss to do any important task
  1. Cookbook Recipes: Created by the Riafy Technologies, the Cookbook Recipes app has made it in the list of the Editor’s Choice of the Google Play! You get to search for your desired recipe with just putting in the ingredient or the name of the dish. Check out its features here:
  • You will find all cuisines available.
  • User can share and browse it freely.
  • Provides the detailed nutritional value of the recipe.
  • Tips and pointers available for better help.

Give these a try!

Browse these multipurpose Android applications of 2016 and install them soon in your android phone purchased using the Paytm coupons. These applications are sure to win a big part of your heart and remain in your phone for a very long time.