For the Instagram users here is a great windows app which can add loads to their over-all Instagram experience. With 130 million monthly active users, Instagram stands as one of the leading photo and video- sharing platforms of the world; and with this latest application Save-o-gram you can have the highest flexibility from your Instagram account. As the name suggests, Save-o-gram is an Instagram Downloader which is specially designed to run on Windows devices. With this new application which is available for download for free, you can start saving all your favourite photos and videos on Instagram within seconds. The application offers a simple to use front end, and starts downloading through simple steps.

Save-o-gram is fun, quick and accomplishes your task within minimum time without making your system slow. So, now you can easily save and make your own database of Instagram pictures and videos on your hard drive with the help of this interesting new app. Some of the unique features of this tool are discussed below.


  • Save-o-gram can be downloaded and installed easily in your system. You can download the application directly from the website.
  • Once you run the application, a browser will open, and you just need to enter your Instagram username or account link in the address bar to connect the application with your Instagram profile.
  • The process of saving the pictures and videos with save-o-gram is also simple. Once the app is connected with your profile, you can select one or more or all the photos you would like to save, simply by clicking on the box provided at the right lower corner of the objects.
  • With Save-o-gram you can download the selected items on your hard drive, or you can zip them and download the zip file; or you can also place a direct print order.
  • The application enables the user to download photos from any Instagram account.
  • Pictures can be downloaded in their original format or in Zip file.
  • With save-o-gram the Instagram pictures can be viewed in a resizable grid or in a full side slideshow which can be simply more fun.
  • The tool enables the user to select one or a bunch of photos from the accounts of any Instagram user. The user can even download all the pictures from an account if he feels so.
  • The application also offers a better search experience to the user. Users can search photos easily by tags which can be immensely helpful in saving time.
  • The application supports direct print orders.
  • The current running version of the application is1.0 and it is designed to perform on Windows 8, 7, Vista and XP.
  • The application takes 1.35 MB space on the hard drive.

Summary: Save-o-gram is a newly launched Windows Operating System based application which enables the user to save and print picture and videos from the Instagram profile of any user.

Good: The application is unique and can offer an improved Instagram experience to the users. Takes minimum space on the hard drive and is available for free.

Bad: None

Worth Having Application :  Download the App