We can all admit that most of the time advertising doesn’t bring in a lot of money unless you have a huge daily traffic flow. That’s why finding an alternative income stream is so important. Whether you chose to sell digital downloads , like eBooks or software, or sell personalized merchandise, alternatives are always a good thing.

Why an eBook may be the most important thing you could do

EBooks provide a special service to the reader. It gives them more information than they could get on a blog post, but less then they would have to read in an actual book. It also provides you a medium where you can show off your expertise in your given niche.

It could also give you access to a large email address database. If you give your eBook away for free in return for an email subscriber, you’ll be able to use their email address to get them to come back to your blog or buy your next eBook.

When a reader actually reads your eBook, if it is good and formatted correctly, they will come to realize that you have talent and expertise in your niche. This will make them think about coming back to your blog to read the other content you have created on the subject. Getting loyal readers is the most important thing you can do to keep your traffic strong.

Why an eBook may save your blog.

As a blog owner, you need to find ways to entice people to come to your blog; after all, if no one reads your content, there is little reason to create it. There are the usual ways to get people to read your stuff, social media, advertising, etc. Then there are other ways that you should definitely try. One of them is gaining loyal readership through selling an eBook.

If you think of how you find books to read, you’ll realize that you develop loyalty to the author if they’ve done their job correctly. You will follow them to new characters and frontiers. The same will go for your eBook if you’ve done it correctly. You want to provide as much information as possible, explained in a clear and concise manner. You will also want to make sure you hint at other information that is available on your blog to entice readers to visit to find out more. Think of the sidebars in your American History book in high school, they were always pointing you to more resources and information on the web.

All of this talk about gaining a loyal reader through your eBook over looks the point that you could also potentially earn significant sums of money by selling the book. It is important, however, to note that readers are unlikely to spend hard earned cash on your first book. Give that away for free, get them to learn why your content is valuable, and then they may buy your next book if it is of interest to them because they know how you write.