The last decade was monumental in defining the direction that many industries were going to take possibly for the next decade or longer. Perhaps the most notable developments were in mobile technologies thanks to the massive improvement in a number of platforms. Android and iOS have remained at the forefront of the mobile revolution and their success has led to even more success across several industries. This ripple effect of success has not left out the online gambling industry which has been around for years and continues to grow strong.

Online gambling was fun and is still quite a big deal. However, mobile gambling has already taken its place at the top, something that would have seemed impossible just a little over two decades ago. Once the first smartphones rolled around, it was pretty clear that the technology was about to change the world. No one, let alone in the gambling industry, imagined it would grow as big as it has.

Why Is Mobile Gambling So Popular?

Well, it is safe to say that it all comes down to one word – convenience. People have fallen in love with their mobile gadgets – smartphones and tablets – simply because they are one-stop shows for nearly everything. In fact, smartphones and tablets have already surpassed televisions in terms of consumption.

Smartphones and tablets are not just the new TVs – they double up as work tools, communication devices, wallets, and most, importantly, new-age entertainment gateways. Betting is one of the oldest forms of entertainment and gambling operators quickly caught on to the fact that mobile gaming has a lot of potential. Now, people can find extensive lists of real money casino apps everywhere and the operators were definitely right as proven by the massive demand for mobile casino games.

While it would seem that it is smooth sailing for mobile gaming operators, there have been quite a number of challenges most of which have either been addressed or are being worked on right now. The solutions to these issues are perhaps what makes people so interested in mobile gambling. For instance, payment processing has gotten easier thanks to improved payment services as well as the entry of digital currencies and the blockchain.

Legal issues are also being addressed thanks to provisions that are designed to protect both the gambling operators and the players. Players from all around the world now have access to at least a few impressive mobile gambling apps most of which are distributed via popular and regulated app repositories on iOS and Android. For those operators that do not have apps, web technologies have made it easier for them to deliver their offerings through fully-featured responsive web apps.

The Future of Mobile Gaming

Statistical forecasts give quite an impressive view of what the mobile gaming industry could look like in a few years but numbers barely tell the whole story. As accurate as they may be, they generally do not quantify how people feel about mobile betting. Thankfully, the perceptions align in one way or the other with the statistics. People are really excited about online gambling with lots of retail casino patrons slowly switching to mobile gaming apps permanently.

One thing that financial forecasts may overlook is the developments that are being done to make it better. Plans for such things as Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) make the future certainly worth the wait.

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