Singapore pools 4D or spore pools, in short, are popular betting games in Singapore and Malaysia. This game is played by picking any lucky number between 0000 and 9999. There are 23 lucky numbers in total. If your pick matches any of the selected numbers, then you will have won. For as little as $1, you can be capable of winning up to $1,000 if you manage to predict the lucky number correctly. The odds of winning 4D Singapore are 1 in 10,000. It can be a lucrative sport for those who enjoy betting and have good prediction skills. So, how does one learn to be good at this sport?

Systems such as ‘I Bet’ increases the winning chances since permutations of a lucky number are also eligible for prizes. For example, if your pick is 1234 and the lucky number is 4321, you will still win. When you doubt your pick, you can try using random lucky dips selected by a computer. 4D bets can be placed by calling 4D lottery betting lines through betting outlets or self-picking bets online. Here are tips that can help you win in 4D Singapore pools:

1) Check Frequently Drawn Numbers

After deciding on the number that you will use in the 4D Singapore pool, it is prudent to check online if it appears on the list of frequently drawn numbers. If your selected pick is featured in the top 100 frequently drawn 4D numbers, then there are higher chances of winning. You may consider going with numbers that have won more than 20 times rather than choosing numbers that have never won at all.

2) Consult Punters Who Win Occasionally

If you are starting with Singapore 4D, then you might want to be guided by people who have experience in this lottery. Not only for advice on how to determine a lucky number, but also on the number of bets you should place to avoid incurring big losses and making an addiction out of it. Gain insight from people who tend to hit the right numbers more often.

3) Make Use of the ‘I Bet’ Strategy

‘I Bet’ is a 4D system that broadens your chances of winning, as permutations of a lucky number are also eligible for prizes. When using this system, you should select a number with different digits so that you can increase the chances of landing on a permutation of a lucky number. Picking a number like 1111, for example, has fewer chances of winning since it has no permutations.

4) Alter Betting Numbers

When making more than one selection, you should consider altering the numbers of your first pick rather than coming up with a different combo. Alter your numbers from left towards the right since it is more likely to win this way. The logic behind this is that, when most of the unsuccessful punters get the 4D results, they often realize that if they had made a little alteration of their picks, they would have struck the lucky number.

5) Be Confident With Your Pick

You should not be anxious after making a 4D bet, relax and believe that you will be lucky. If luck does not come your way, it is not the end of the world. Maybe your day of fortune is in the offing.