It’s a well known saying that money doesn’t buy you happiness, but there is no denying that all the time we spend on our phones could be put to better use. One such chance to cash out on your Android operated mobile device is to choose from the top real money apps.

Some may require one kind of skill or another, while others are completely suitable to any user profile. They are as varied as it gets, but the following are the top 5 types that can bring you the most rewarding experience for the least amount of effort.

#1 – Slidejoy

There is hardly any other app out there that could push Slidejoy off the throne of real money Android apps. It’s not so much about the amount you are being rewarded as it is about the simplicity of the whole process. All you have to do is install it and keep it on your phone – it will set up its own lockscreen instead of your original one and any swipe to unlock your phone or check for app notifications awards you with ‘Carats’. These can later be redeemed as real money in your PayPal account.

#2 – Pact

This Android app operates on a completely different principle – you are making a pact with the app community that you’ll follow your daily physical routine and regular and healthy food intake. For this purpose, you set a real-money cash amount as stake, and should you fail to keep your part of the pact, the money is taken away. In return, if you do manage to keep it up, you are rewarded from other people’s stakes.

#3 – JackpotCity          

Speaking of stakes and losses and wins, Android users nowadays have the chance to indulge in one of the most popular ways of earning fast and easy money. However, don’t be fooled by the fact that these tables fit your smartphone screen – you will need all the skill you’ve got to beat the wide and varied player pool members at JackpotCity’s mobile casino. Making use of is a good way to be ahead of the curve, getting top guides and tips for the latest casino games.

#4 – Foap

If you’ve got a few photography tricks up your sleeve, Foap is an even better choice. This Android app allows people to upload photos and sells them to other people or companies. They present them to direct businesses if there is potential to relate it to them, and the photographers take 50% of the photo price (which can be sold multiple times). On top of that, there are photo missions with specific topic that provide additional prizes.

#5 – Google Opinion Rewards

If you like answering short and random surveys, Google Opinion Rewards is the app for you. Their frequency depends on your activity and location, but most of the time users should be able to qualify for at least a couple per week. Cash rewards differ, but some surveys can pay as much as $1.