Web applications are any kind of applications which uses a web browser as a client. There are numerous kinds of web applications starting from simple message boards to sign-up books on different websites, word processor, and even spreadsheets.

The web applications relieve the developer of his responsibility of building a client separately for a separate computer type or maybe an operating system.

Web Applications

Good Web Applications Review:

1. Mygetgo:

Mygetgo application is generally available for free and gives you a fully customizable internet start where you decide on the contents, the links and also how it looks, thereby allowing you to easily get the best from the internet.

2. Mindomo:

Mindomo is almost a versatile mind mapping tool, which has the capability to deliver the advantages of desktop mind mapping. You won’t even have to install or maintain any complex software.

3. Skillr:

Skillr is another global recruitment service and is also an advertising platform. Here people can talk about their skills and the recruiters can sort out the best candidates with the help of a simple candidate searching tool.

4. Groupboard:

Groupboard is another such set of multi-user Java applets which includes whiteboard, chat, message board, games, and voice conferencing and so on. You can include these on your web page with the help of some HTML codes. You can also upload backgrounds like GIF or JPEG images and even draw on them. All the users who are connected to the board will be able to see the changes. This application also comes with advanced versions such as the Groupboard Designer.

5. Animoto:

Animoto is a web application which automatically generates efficiently produced videos which uses a patent-pending technology and motion designs. Each video is a customized orchestration of images and music selected by the user. It is developed on a widescreen format.

Another such application is the Live Mesh and is good for the people who work on multiple computers. You will have to add some folders to Mesh form one of the computers and you will able to access that content from any other computer.