The worst kinds of apps are not the really bad ones, no, they’re the ones we all download and use regularly. From the millions of apps available online there are a handful of universally popular ones that often feel impossible to get rid of. A burden is something you must painfully endure. Here are six of the most annoyingly burdensome apps we just can’t seem to escape.



Facebook: waster of time, slayer of productivity is now available on your mobile phone. This is not a good thing at all. Facebook boasts 1.2 billion users, one of the most successful companies of our time. We clock millions of hours a month on social networks. Now, thanks to the mobile phone apps, our addiction is with us everywhere we go – even in conversations and dinner tables.


Instagram has led to two awful phenomenon’s; the first is that it has, with the use of a range of simple sepia-toned filters, managed to convince most of us egotists that we are actually professional photographers. Secondly, it has given rise to the growingly oppressive art of ‘food photography.’ In fact, it’s now so popular, that before dining can even begin, a close up of your steak is a cultural custom.


iTunes is fantastic, an almost limitless expanse of music available for purchase at the touch of a button. Great, until the bank statement comes through. Thanks Apple.

The Impossible Game

This little app made the list as possibly the most annoying platform game ever produced. You will play it relentlessly. It’s a relatively simple concept. A small cube must be guided over a series of obstacles while a racy dance track plays. A brilliant time filler for the commute. What’s the main problem with this game? As its title uncompromisingly suggests, it’s impossible.

Apple Maps

Last year Apple and Google had a little bit of a fall out which caused Google Maps to be resigned as an app store alternative after being the iPhone default map app and replaced with Apple Maps. Very quickly it became obvious that something was very wrong with the new Maps app. Technology journalists everywhere wrote of the misdirection’s, tragic wrong turns and woeful tales of lost drivers. Regretfully, it hasn’t improved.

Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush is the App store’s top grossing mobile phone app at the minute. With millions having downloaded and playing it, Candy Crush has dominated. Many of your online friends will have fallen victim to the lure.

It’s clever marketing ploy is central to its success, coming right when you’re hooked. After a certain number of levels are completed, to continue, you must share the app on your social network – annoying in itself, but an addict will do anything for more Candy.

However, this has led to an avalanche of regular ‘invitations’ sent out to Facebook users across the globe. Reactionary rants have taken place all across the net, raging against the Candy Crush epidemic and it’s contagiously relentless social media campaign. Candy Crush is definitely a modern affliction.