Below are some of the few ways suggested by top app marketing agency namely AppMarketingPlus where developers can focus on as there is definite necessity for need of App market.

Teaser Websites

Like as movie trailer release, teaser websites are meant to build up your app’s release. Your teaser page is specifically meant to introduce your idea, so it must be attractive and memorable.  The main goal is to get customers to a sign up for updates about your release.  You must also link to your social media page, and developers have started the process of developing a digital presence.

Reaching out to Niche Bloggers

Reaching out to Bloggers and allowing them know what you’re up to. Your app would tell them about it. For example if your app is about travelling you can reach out to bloggers and sites that cover the outdoors and travelling activities. This would put your app in the hands of international audience that’s likely to use it.

Releases of new mobile applications we all love them, but let’s face it, sometimes it’s just hard to market them because you can’t get enough quality strategies of app marketing gathered up to effectively apply them when you wish to due to availability of several similar apps.

Go for Featured

Featured apps largely occupy a prime piece of online and getting a spot is as much an art as a science. If app developers wish to get featured status you must get the basics right in having a high quality app with no bugs, and offering quality UI & UX.

Mailing Lists

Email campaigns still rank high in terms of converting customers to buyers. The app developers could follow easy steps at least a month in advance of your app launch date in order to cherish benefits of a mail campaign. You could choose an email provider and develop a subscription list. You can set up a pre-launch page with an email signup form. By utilizing social media or direct contact, you could easily encourage people to visit the pre-launch page and actively sign up for emails.

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