Internet provides an easy platform for business. Apart for doing business online, it has provided opportunity to share ideas and emotions with people and explore the hidden talent in you. While social media keeps you connected, a website can actually provide you scope to spread out. You can sell your product online or can use the website to spread an idea. If you are a photographer, blogger, business person or just a home maker having a lot of recipes and child related ideas to share, a website of your own can turn out to be beneficial. However, the hazards of creating and maintaining a website, keep people away. ITunes brings an opportunity to create your own website with the help of an iPad. Use inWeby and create your own website, with ease.


The app, inWeby provides you complete access to domain creation and maintenance. The app lets you choose your domain name, free of cost and also allows you to create pages, unique designs and more. You can share photos, ideas and more through the fully functional website you built. It takes only 10 minutes to create a website through this app and the add-ins make it completely viable. All these can be done through your iPad and internet connection. It is rich with several features that require mention.



  • inWeby lets you create your website for free. You can select the domain name for free or link your own domain to it.
  • You can create the design for your website. Change pattern, background, pallet and structure to make it look unique.
  • You can create and add pages to your website. Add products, blogs and more to your website and make it fully functional.
  • You don’t require any code to edit. There is intuitive page editor in the app that would help you to edit.
  • You can incorporate online payment system in the website which will estimate shipping and handling charges. All these can be done through your iPad.
  • The app provides you opportunity to share your idea, write your blogs and communicate with your audience.
  • You don’t require worrying about the website hosting cost and server set up. The payment you make is full and final and everything else will be included in the same.
  • The app has several in-app purchase options. You can buy the pro version for $38.99 and the full version for $69.99.
  • The app costs you $4.99 and is only available for iPad users with iOS 5.1 or later.
  • The version 1.0 of the app will take around 43.5 MB space.


Summary: inWeby is a unique app particularly available for the iPad users. This app lets you create a website in just 10 minutes and at the same time, allows you to edit and design it. You can enjoy a fully functional website with all the required features.

Good: inWeby is an app that makes website creation easy and you only require your iPad and internet connection to do the same.

Bad: The costs of in-app purchases are quite high for people looking for an informative website.

Worth Having Application :  Download the Application

Special Announcement :  this application will be free for 3 days(2,3,4 september – 2013)