E-commerce has gained popularity in the recent past. Businesses that encourage card payments online have experienced fast growth. Their sales also increase every year because this has become the most convenient shopping option for customers. At https://mypaymentsavvy.com/best-way-accept-credit-card-payments-online/ you may get a few ideas on how to ensure that your card payment platform is secure. It is also risky for the merchant as well as banks and the cardholder to do business online. Hackers are becoming more advanced in technology and the risk of fraud is increasing on a daily business. As a business, there are a few measures that may help you to secure your card payments online.

Here are 3 tips to accepting secure credit card payments online:

  1. Comply with set standards and get the necessary certification

All merchants should be aware of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard rules and regulations. Mainly, the focus is on cardholder details and security. Merchants should not expose the cardholder details, especially the card number and other details online. This can lead to fraud or identity theft. Access to such information from the merchant side should be guarded strictly. It is also important to get the SSL certification. This offers protection to any data that potential customers at your site may enter online. It protects the transmission of data from your customers to your servers making it hard for hackers to get information.

  1. Ecommerce platform

You should choose a reliable and secure e-commerce platform. Through this platform, you will be able to process online card payments. Various companies offer this service. It is a good idea to choose one that exercises caution so as to ensure that you do not risk losing your money. Through this platform, you will have access to a payment processing system and a payment gateway. This will enable you to get funds to your account. Through e-commerce platform, it becomes possible to complete the transaction, and for the merchant to get money paid by the cardholders.

  1. Constantly update your system

Outdated systems are more vulnerable to being attacked as compared to up to date systems. This is mainly because of the security patches that are incorporated in system updates. WordPress, Shopify and Joomla, usually have regular updates. The ZenCart usually has updates regularly and for the servers, regular updates for PHP, SQL, and C-panel are also very common. You should update your systems and programs immediately you get an alert. This is one of the most important security measures that merchants should take. This way, you will make it secure for the customers to pay for your products using cards. If they trust your site, and you offer high-quality goods, then this can lead to more business.

It is your responsibility to protect customer data so that you can gain more customers. The IT environment in which you operate should be protected. You should make informed choices on a web host, and the server through which you communicate with customers. Card payment is convenient for customers. Merchants who embrace this mode of payment and provide a secure environment for their customers to transact will enhance their business growth and development.