Having a good laugh every now and then is very crucial to living a healthy
lifestyle. If you’ve been living with stress for quite some time now and
haven’t really had the chance to loosen up because of all of life’s
demands, then you might not really have the opportunity to live your life
to the fullest. So in every chance that you can have and through the help
of even the smallest of things, you should take advantage of getting a
good laugh every once in a while.

By simply downloading some funny phone apps now, you will be able to not
only have a good laugh every once a while but you can also live a more
relaxed and happier life like you’ve never lived in the past. Here’s a
look at the top 5 funny phone apps that are worth downloading.

Best Jokes 500

If you have a pretty good sense of humor, then downloading the Best Jokes
500 app to your phone will definitely keep you company on those days and
nights when work is getting the best of you. So instead of looking at your
life very seriously, insert some jokes once in a while and you will be

iFart Mobile

Whenever you have the chance to spend time with your friends who also need
a good laugh themselves, take advantage of your newly downloaded iFart
Mobile phone application. By pressing on some user friendly buttons, you
will find different fart sounds that you can play and blame them for. Of
course, that is, if your friends have a good sense of humor too.

Mouth Off

If you want to be entertained by laughing at how your face looks, then
download this app wherein your mouth will keep on moving while you’re
talking. What makes this phone app funny is the fact that the mouth
actually looks kind of absurd and rather huge too.


There’s no reason to just put up with your imagination and now have proof
of it. If you want to see yourself look like someone else or if you want
to make fun of your friend’s appearance by adding a weird looking beard to
their face, then this is the app for you. It’s totally funny especially
since you can save the faces you make.


Have you ever wondered how you’d look like if you’ve put on some
additional weight? Without really having to do it just to get an idea, use
the FatBooth app and you will immediately know. This app adds a couple of
pounds to your face so you will know whether or not the additional weight
actually suits you best.

It is important to know that these phone apps require minimal charge
before you can download it to your phone. Nonetheless, it should be worth
it if you’re really looking for something fun and something that will
bring a smile to your everyday life once again.

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