Any writer or poet, no matter if he or she is a professional or an aspiring professional, needs to be organized. Many thoughts and ideas go to waste because many writers and poets are disorganized at the best of times.
With today’s amazing technologies, even a writer and poet can make use of some of the most innovative and practical iPad applications on the market and in the process, manage their lives more efficiently.
Have a look at these applications and see what you think of them:

PortaPoet might not have the best or most appropriate name, but it is a very neat application and tool, which anyone will find helpful.
This application is the fastest way to write as well as share your poems. It contains its own rhyming dictionary that will help you find rhymes for any type of word. You can even find help with the pronunciation of words and you can find the syllables for words as well.
Furthermore, it allows you easily and conveniently, to write your next speech or that next big song that is going around in your head. Sharing your latest poem or writing on different social networks, as well as sharing it via email or sms are very easy to do.
You could also search for word on the web by using this application and manage all your songs and poems without any problems. Therefore, if you are ready to produce some new and memorable poems or songs, then this application is going to receive your thumbs up.
My Writing Spot

My Writing Spot offers all writers a very simple and basic, uncluttered workspace where they could do some writing. It might be basic, but there are more than enough features to assist your writing.
You have the following great feature available on this application:
        An easy ‘Autosave’ function and word count
        A Dictionary & Thesaurus lookup function
        Document Groups
        Send your documents via email
        Downloading to your computer option
This application allows you alone to have access to your writing files and documents and you can easily download them to any hard drive of your choice, or email them to your email account.
This is the perfect tool for a writer who does not want to concentrate on the software that they are using all the time, but only wants to concentrate on his or her writing.
Max Journal

Maxjournal is a very elegantly designed diary or journal that any writer could use on a daily basis. It includes an extensive feature for photo scrapbooking as well.
This easy-to-navigate application is a joy to use for your diary writing and it offers you everything that you might need, right at your fingertips. Use the feature to create a journal for different situations, such as personal, travel, work, friends, and family. You can easily set a separate password and other settings for each journal.
You are allowed to add a maximum of 30 photos per journal entry. You can add them directly into the text file, rotate, and position them the way you want to. You do not have to rearrange the text, because it will automatically wrap itself around each photo.
This is a very neat application to have for any writer.

By Damian Davila, blogger covering business and marketing at
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