What if you could have something better than just paper and pen? What if you could draft documents faster and organize them as if you were doing it yourself. What if those papers could stay in the same order without any of them falling out? The time to witness something great is now, and it definitely has five star reviews. Daedalus Touch is not just an application for iPad users, it’s your own paper stack without the added weight. Daedalus Touch is constantly adding new features to ensure five star reviews on every update release.

From all the great features that Daedalus touch can offer, there is a plain text editor with three different font styles that are easy to read. These three fonts are: Classic which is Helvetica Bold & Goudy Bookletter, Modern which would be Ubuntu Bold and Regular and, last but not least, Mono (Inconsolata). Daedalus touch also includes text and background color choices, which make it colorful and easy to read. Dark modes make it even easier to use this application, which is great for writing and editing at night.

When it comes to syncing papers, multiple sheets or whole stacks, Daedalus Touch provides you with Dropbox or MobileMe/iDisk which allow you to export or import as email, TXT, Zip and even PDF archives. So what if you need a print out of your document? Daedalus touch includes a Print function that can be the difference when you need a document ASAP. You can even copy stacks of papers as folders via iTunes. Daedalus Touch puts the power of text editing and exporting in your hands, making it easy to share with friends instantly by using Dropbox.

Included in the new features, there will be a modeless search, manual sorting, a built in web browser and a customizable keyboard row. Daedalus touch has many language functions which include: German, French, Japanese, English, Spanish and Dutch. Text expander even allows you to type faster, making it easy to take notes and write from any place in the world. Even if you write 20,000 words in one page, Daedalus Touch provides easy storage and has very little lag.

When you have many 5 star reviews with very little criticism for this app, you know that you are spending your money wisely. Daedalus Touch can help a writer that needs inspiration while on-the-go, a businessman who wants to write down ideas for his new project, a student who needs to write down class notes and even a chef who needs to write down a recipe and share it with his co-worker. It seems that bloggers, writers and published novelists will enjoy this tool because it provides with the sharing tools needed to send their work to agents. The possibilities are endless for Daedalus Touch and the price is very well worth it.

What makes this app great is their simplicity of just using paper sheets instead of programs like Word, Adobe, or other programs that take up a lot of space because of their variety of features that you may not really need. The app is worth $5.99 on the iTunes App Store which is a fraction of the price of many programs out there with all the fonts and little functionality. Don’t go for other writing apps, many people reviewing them have already done that for you and have gotten better results with Daedalus Touch.

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