Geography is an interesting subject both for kids and people interested in knowing the world closer. The world itself is a mysterious place and there are so many secrets to unfold in every corner of the world. There is diversity in people, their way of living, and their nature but people throughout the world are keen to know about each other. This urge has given birth to numerous games and now there is one android app that is specially formed for the geography lovers. World Geography by EduFunApps is a fun app with geography quizzes and it covers all 197 countries on the globe. The animated app features a globe and asks you questions related to different parts of it.


World geography is based on some basic knowledge of all countries in the world. There is a spinning globe on which the app selects five random locations and asks questions about the population, language, currency, capital and all such things. You can earn points and bonus as you answer those questions correctly. You will be provided multiple options for each questions among which you require to punch in the correct one. This is a simple and fun game with some sort of time bounding. The faster you punch the answer the more you score the marks.



  • The geography game covers 197 countries and the relevant information is stored about them.
  • Beautiful graphics is incorporated in the game that makes it even more interesting. The zoomed vies is quite good to look at.
  • The globe is a spinning one and the app chooses the location randomly and zooms upon it.
  • The zoom in and zoom out feature makes the game look great and you can have a proper view of the shape of the land.
  • There would be questions related to flags, currencies, capitals, population and all basic things about the country. It is important to possess a great geographical knowledge to play the fantastic game.
  • You will get enough time to answer each question but fast answers will fetch you more points.
  • There are bonus question that you have to keep an eye on. You can earn more points with the bonus questions.
  • This app is a great way to know the unknown geographical things about different country. You will search more to answer more and that way will increase your knowledge.
  • This android app requires android 2.2 or up and takes only 1.8 MB space on your device.
  • You can purchase the version 1.5 of the app at $0.99.


Summary: World Geography by EduFunApps is a quiz game on geography which covers 197 countries over the globe. The graphics is good and it is quite informative. Research and knowledge are required to score high in this game.

Good: The game covers all countries and the questions are quite good. The game is informative and improves your geographical knowledge.

Bad: The zoomed graphics could be enhanced to show a clearer view and there can be some information added about each of the country.

Apps400 Rating :   *  *  *  *

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