Noting down the events of life was not that easy, but with the memo option in your smartphone, things have become easier to record and revisit. However, the memo is the most boring part of a mobile with quite less option of creativity and fun. With DioNote, you can make the memo look interesting and can be hooked to the formation of notes. DioNote Handwriting note is an app by Diotek Co and it is available for android users. The app is a handwritten memo app with a lot in store for the user. You will be able to take note of your daily works in the form of handwriting but will also be able to edit the note.


Freehand drawing is allowed in DioNote which makes it special. The app has ink text function which allows you to write in freehand drawing and then saves the writing by recognizing it. The writing is saved in text form which allows the user to edit it whenever he or she wants. The way to edit the normal text and the handwritten text will be same. You can do that just by placing the cursor on the text. The app is well connected to the social networking websites so sharing a memo would not be a problem.



  • DioNote is a memo app that allows the user to save memo in the form of handwriting or in the form of normal text.
  • The app saves the handwriting in text form and thus it becomes easy to edit the text.
  • The app Ink text function and editor working for it which recognizes handwriting and then saves it in the form of text.
  • Editing the text is quite easy with the app not discriminating between handwritten and normal text while editing.
  • As the ink function converts the text in the normal text while saving it is easy to search with a word in the text.
  • You can increase multiple notebooks with the app and edit whenever required.
  • It is possible to select memo only view and notebook only view. You can also open a text with notebook ad memo view.
  • You can share the memos and notes with your friends via social networking websites.
  • You can change the cover of the notebook by adding pictures from your life.
  • You can add shortcut to the home screen by tapping and holding the icon.
  • It is possible to share using Dropbox, Google drive and Evernote.
  • Different brush modes can be selected and images can be added.
  • The app setting lets you change a lot of things.
  • The app requires android 4.0 or later and the space requirement for the version is 46 MB.


Summary: DioNote is a memo app that lets the user save their handwritten data in form of memo and share it with the world.

Good: The app is enriched with features and available on the play store, for free.

Bad: The app takes a lot of space in the device.

Worth Having Application :  Download the App