There are some apps in the playstore which are just made for fun while there are very few which are made for work and work related objectives. If you know how to use your Smartphone in the really smart way, you shall have downloaded some of the document related apps that makes your job easy and let you handle work even when you are not on your desk. SDS- PDF Scanner Receipts&Docs is one such app that is made for those people who are work oriented and want to use their Smartphone in the really smart manner.


SDS- PDF Scanner Receipts&Docs, presented by Softxpert Inc is a productive app on the store and it is one of the top apps of February 2014. This app will provide you document scanner, enhancer, converter to PDF, OCR, and JPG to PDF converter and much more. Actually, you can do all your document related works through the app and can make the documents ready for professional use. You can sync files to google drive, deal with bank statement, invoices, contracts and more with the app. The app is an organizer, a guide, and a processor for you, and you just pay nothing to download this easy to use app which is also ad-free. The image quality is going to be high for all your scanned documents and you can also go for batch scan. The enhancer will improve the output to such an extent that you may have never imagined.



  • The app can scan images and documents and can customize the mobile camera for the same.
  • The image enhancer present in the app will enhance the quality of the image to make it perfectly fit for your official use.
  • The app syncs all the documents to your google drive and to all your connected devices.
  • The app also converts the scanned images to PDF documents.
  • You can always export the PDF to your SD card and then to other devices. You can mail the captured PDF too.
  • The app allows you to scan a number of pages under batch scan mode. Here, the auto cropping feature is present in order to make your documents look presentable.
  • You can process the OCR scanned images and search through them as text recognition is enabled in the app.
  • The app has a clean interface and it is completely ad-free.
  • You can control features of the document such as contrast and brightness.
  • If you want you can incorporate notes and annotations when you convert the doc to PDF.
  • You can even import pictures from gallery and convert them into PDF.
  • You can impose password protection to you PDF files.
  • You can share the files via Google drive, dropbox, email, skype and more such channels.
  • The app is compatible to android 2.3 or later and takes around 16 MB space on your device.

Summary: SDS- PDF Scanner Receipts&Docs is a recommended app that not only allows you to scan documents but to convert them to PDF and share accordingly. The enhancer provided with the app works wonder in enhancing the quality of the images.

Good: From scanning to converting and sharing, the app does it all in a single interface.

Bad: There is nothing bad reported by the genuine users of the app.

Apps400 Rating – 4/5

Worth Having Application –  Download the App