In these modern days, it is critical for one to take into account the security aspect of the phone. This is because it plays a critical role in storage of vital and confidential information that needs to be protected. Besides, due to the valuable nature of current gadgets, making them secure can provide easy tracking when they get lost, misplaced or stolen by intruders. To achieve this critical protection, there is need to ensure that the phone is boosted by an efficient protective mechanism, for instance, a screen protector. This is actually where the perfectly designed PIN Genie Locker app comes about. This great app has been designed to provide advanced screen lock protection that makes the phone secure anytime, anywhere.


Understanding the PIN Genie Locker app

Apparently, this amazing app has been designed by the PIN Genie Inc. where it has adopted high quality formation with the integration of the latest technology. In order to keep it at par in relation to performance and output, this great app has undergone quite a number of updates; with the recent being done on 16th June, 2016. This great app has proved worthy in task delivery by perfectly meeting the safety needs of different user. This has made it to receive great positive reviews from honest users together with an overall rating of 4.9 stars. Its consistency in performance, quality graphic effects and its unique approach in protecting the phone makes this app to remain as a top-performing app.

The Functionality of PIN Genie Locker app

This incredible app leaves nothing to chances when it comes to protecting the phone’s screen. At first, the user will notice that its classic design is represented by a Patented PIN pad. When it comes to creating the pin, the user can apply a combination of four buttons only. One should try to make the pin as unique as possible for security purposes.


Apparently, each time an intruder will try to access the screen lock by inputting the wrong passcode, this amazing PIN Genie Locker app instantly captures the photo image of the intruder. The image is then send to the rightful owner who receives notification and can then proceed to take better initiatives in handling the situation. Additionally, the ability of the PIN Genie Locker app to contain peep-proof feature makes it to lock the phone each time three unsuccessful attempts to access the phone are made.

Below are the amazing features that come out perfectly in PIN Genie Locker app:

Catch intruders with auto-snap feature

How is it made possible? Actually, one will discover that this auto-snap operates efficiently in a way that it instantly takes the intruder’s photo and forward it to the email of the original owner. This makes it quite easy to track down such burglars and recover the phone.

Automatic disabling of phone after wrong entries

In order to keep the intruders from completely benefiting from the phone, this amazing app supports a feature that makes the phone to automatically get disabled. This happens when the intruder tries to access the phone after making three entries without success.

Get notified with instant messages and mails

Actually, this notification is send to the user each time the intruder fails to access the phone by putting the wrong passcode. Such notification is in form of messages and images of the intruders which has been captured.

Patented Secured Pin

The pin is designed in a patented manner in order to ensure that it remains secure and confidential. Besides, the pin is made available in four button digits. Besides, the user can also apply different pattern locks and traditional numbers in order to enhance security of the phone.



One interesting thing about this app is its hassle-free nature which makes it quite simple to use in tracking intruders. It is user-friendly in nature and very interactive in nature.

Meanwhile, there are some new additional features that have been incorporated in this app which includes; more languages included (Portuguese and Spanish), peep-proof and new settings for the patented Ginie PIN.

Here are the Pros and Cons of PIN Genie Locker app. check them out:


· Instant and informative notifications on intruders’ activities

· Great protection to phone- disabling feature

· Easy and efficient app to track intruders with evidence

· Quality and secure design for the PIN

· Comes with the best experience in the entire operation process


· Time lag to response affect its performance

· Crime-related app thus ready to impose user to risky and hostile situations


PIN Genie Locker app is a perfect definition of a unique and high quality app that offers great protection to valuable mobile devices. Its continuous high performance, reliability and efficiency make it a great app worth recommending. With a current high rating of 4.9 star, this makes PIN Genie Locker an absolute number one screen locker. Download it now and say no to emerging intruders!

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