Considering how many ways we have to connect with people, how many of those end up in an in-person meet-up? Whether you’re talking to friends on WhatsApp, a potential date on Tinder or work colleagues at the water cooler (do people even do that now?) communication generally fizzles out before plans are made.

Soone, available to download on IOS and Google Play, aims to fix that problem by fast-tracking the meet up process in a safe, engaging way.

Security and safety are always concerns when using an app like this. Your first profile must be verified, helping to combat catfishing, and your precise location is never shared. Any information or data Soone collects is never shared or sold, so you’re in safe hands.

Once you’re verified and your bio is filled in, it’s time to start looking for connections. Whether you’re looking for new friendships, romantic relationships or even professional networking, you’ll be able to see other Soone users’ approximate location around you. If there are 5+ users in one area, you’ll see a hot spot.

Check out all the potential matches nearby and initiate a connection request with the one you’d like to talk to. Here’s the catch – they only have 30 minutes to accept it. Once they do, the chat is only open for 2 hours. Soone doesn’t want you to spend days talking, it wants you to meet in-person rather than behind a screen.

Nearby locations are easy to find and listed on the app from cafes, bars, restaurants, nightclubs and more. Soone even features verified locations that have been pre-screened for security and public visibility, another point in the safety column.

Soone seems like a unique, fun way to make new connections. In a time where it’s easy to hide who we are behind text messages, it’s more important than ever to meet up in person to make an authentic connection based on who you really are.

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