What would you do if your Grandmother had strictly told you not to step outside? Well, you’d listen to her like a sincere child as long as she’s there and then at the very first call of your friends from outside, you’d run as fast as possible and jump straight into the streets. Hamad and Sahar are no exception to this childhood behavior. They like roaming out in the streets under the sun and this time it’s your chance to accompany them. So are you ready for the adventure?


Hamad and Sahar is an Arabian tale that’s now available on the Play Store to participate. The app has been developed by Space Crescent and is compatible with all devices running Android 2.3 or any later version of the OS. So practically the application is compatible with all the Android devices in use now.

In Hamad and Sahar, you can pick any one out of the two and start your journey. As soon as you start playing the game, you’d soon recognize it with Mario because the gameplay is very similar. You have to break blocks using head-butts and collect items hidden behind them. Apart from that, there are coins and power ups to collect and enemies to be killed as you move ahead. There are many different elements that you can use to your favor. So make sure you utilize them properly. In every stage, you have to find the hidden key and then proceed to the end of the level. However, this is only half the story told.


Hamad and Sahar, has many different backdrops such as Village, Storm, Ramadan, Beach, Desert and many more. So each time you enter a different venue and the gameplay automatically gets a new module to shape from. Moreover, unlike the traditional Mario game, here we have two different characters i.e. Hamad and Sahar. So deviating from the male-dominated society, now there’s a character that girls can pick and connect with. Moreover, there are boss levels where you’re face-to-face with different enemies and you’d see a new take in these face-offs.


But this game would be incomplete without its flawless animations and soothing graphics. It’s a very decent game with high-end development. The moment you enter this world, you know that each inch of this space belongs to Middle-East. The attire of the characters themselves has been set to the same tune and the rising sun gives a clear indication of your location at the world map.

So overall, I’d say that Hamar and Sahar is one of the most sorted out and well developed adventure apps that you must check out. The app is available for free in the Play Store and it’s like getting free tickets to a show that’d soon be sold out. So better grab your share before someone else takes it!

Pros: soothing graphics; flawless animations; beautiful characterization; many different backdrops; choose your avatar; boss levels; free.

Cons: none.

I give this app 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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