If you were used to playing the MS-DOS version of Alchemy, you may now notice that the same developers have brought this game into the Android platform with the name Alchemy Classic.  Along with its great features, Alchemy classic has brought the excitement and the knowledge needed to bring great graphics as well as awesome gameplay.  This allows you to take the game on-the-go and it brings a new aspect to the game which is social network integration.  We’re not just talking about links from the app to the networks, we’re talking about integrated “like” buttons as well as recipe sharing for Facebook, Twitter and traditional methods such as SMS or email.

You don’t need special skills to play Alchemy Classic, all you need is some basic knowledge and a lot of creativity.  This application is great for kids as well as adults because it promotes critical thinking and other skills.  The colors of the graphics aren’t hard on the eyes and the organization is what makes this game one of the top Alchemy games on the Android App Market.  Mixing ingredients is as easy as dragging and dropping different elements, which start from earth, fire, air and water.  You have an easy access bar where you can look for different elements by category as well as the names of the elements that need to be unlocked.  This feature gives you an idea of what you need to mix, which makes this application stand up next to the rest.

This version of Alchemy classic includes a quick guide, which shows you how to play the game, how to delete elements and how to clear your board.  Once you start playing, your elements are automatically saved within the app, and once you’re back into the game you can continue where you left off.  There is a Christmas version of the application which includes twenty four new elements which you can use to make Christmas items.  You are also able to reset the game if you would like a friend to try out the application or if you wish to start over.   Once you start playing the game, you have to be careful with the volume of the application because, once you start mixing elements, loud sounds tend to scare you.

This application is absolutely free to download on the Android App Market and it also comes for PC.  The Android version is the best because you can take it on-the-go.  The application download is quicker than other apps and it is one of the best looking free alchemy applications.  Feel free to share your scores online as well as your recipes through social networks.  Think you have what it takes to beat the worldwide score?  Alchemy Classic has an official website as well as a Facebook and Twitter profile.

The free version has ads and they do not affect your gaming experience like other applications.  However, if you wish to find out more about finding new elements, you can purchase the ad free version that includes one hundred and twenty four new elements along with an ad free version.  You have two options to pay for the app and new features.  You can either fill out sponsored offers included in the application, or you can buy it if you don’t want to spend more time on anything else.  The extra elements pack is worth $1.99 USD, which is not too bad.  You can also purchase points from the application or fill out offers to get as many points as you like.  The points are used to make easier discoveries on Alchemy Classic.

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