These days’ mobile phones come with the best quality camera which have a really good resolution and for a reasonable price which enable you to take pictures and videos whenever you want. Smart phones have reduced the instance of people carrying their cameras around. Most of the younger generation kids and adults love to take pictures and videos in their mobile phones and update them immediately in social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, so that they can share their pictures and videos almost instantaneously.  This is the result of the technology revolution and speedy internet access that is available on mobile phones.

Moreover, when we take a picture or a video it doesn’t always turn out be right all the time, there may be some slight corrections and editing that needs to be done in situations such as a red eye in the photograph, to cut few minutes in the video due to the quality and various such reasons. It is always good to have an app handy that does all this for us. Droid Film Video Editor is one such app which has been developed by Manifest XML for the Android phone users.

Droid Film Video editor helps you to take professional quality videos or turn your video clips into a professional one.  With this app you can capture the most memorable moments in your life such as Friends get together, Wedding ceremony, Birthday parties, College tours, excursions and many more.  You can create your videos that are free from any kind of interruption and also edit it to your satisfaction until you achieve the perfect finish. The important thing which has to be noted in this app is that you require a SD card to take and store all your videos.


  • Sample folder option to pull in your videos from anywhere in your mobile
  • You can combine your videos using the video combiner.
  • The app is very simple and easy to use; you can edit a video in just a few clicks.
  • You can use the video editor and trimmer to cut the unwanted portion in your videos, this can be done by exactly specifying the start and end time which you wish to edit.
  • There are two different formats in which you can save your video files after editing they are the 3GP or MP4 format.
  • You can also choose the place where your video needs to be saves and also the quality of the output video (High, Medium and Low).
  • The various video resolution options that are available are 640×480, 480×320, 320×240, and 176×144.
  • There will be notifications in your mobile when the video processing is completed.


Droid Film Video Editor is a very handy video editor app for all Android users. This app can be downloaded from the Android Market for $3.99. So, download the app and start having fun with your videos.

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