Everybody cares for his/her family. Whether they are your parents, your husband and your children. As a parent, I care for my children the most and make them a priority. You want them to be safe and happy all the time and also want your kids to get engaged with you in each and every activity. However, it won’t be easy to get them involved because of the gadgets provided to them. For example- mobiles phones, tablet, laptop and television are the main hurdles for a child. I’m not saying that these gadgets are bad for them, but excess usage of them is not good. Children should engage in different activities throughout the day such as playing, reading, household chores and talking to their parents as well. There should be a routine for the children in which they are given tasks and should be accomplished at the end of the day. Now the question is how to encourage them to follow the routine?

Let me introduce you to an amazing app which will help you in setting your child’s routine in an engaging as well as fun way. It’s known as Kiteboard, which is designed very smartly and aptly for kids as well as parents.

Basically, Kiteboard is an application where you can add tasks to your child for the whole day. You can take inspiration from templates or make your own template. You only need to devote more than 5 minutes in a day to do this. After setting the routine, you can give your child a reward in coins. It will encourage your child to participate in different tasks and earn coins. Only you know your child better and the child will understand what you want from him as well. He/she will perform to earn coins and the awards will be credited to the child only after your confirmation, so that the child does not cheat. Kiteboard is a part of the ecosystem of parent-child apps.

There is a checklist of the child’s daily affairs which you can assign to them and ask them to complete. If you want your child to get involved in everything you do which is also meant for them, you need to make a checklist. He/she can participate in such small activities which makes you laugh and thus encourage the child. If you have questions in your mind just like me, you can solve them with Kiteboard. For example-

  • Do you want your child to send you funny memes everyday so that you can laugh together?
  • Did he share his favorite music with you?
  • Did he himself invite you to play a video game together?
  • Did he do exercises himself and get stronger?
  • Did he clean the room himself and develop responsibility?
  • Did he control his screen time himself?

These types of queries will be solved with the help of Kiteboard just by answering with the help of your child. You can do everything at Kiteboard. It will not only help them achieve the tasks but also make your bond stronger with them. They will realise how much they are involved with their parents and each passing day they will do better and improve themselves. In this way you can control the activities of your child and make them happy as well 

Overall, Kiteboard is an amazing app for your children for teaching their daily activities and encouraging them by giving coins as rewards on the app. Get it now! 

The app is available on the Google app store.

Pros: smart app for parents and kids; give a checklist of a child’s daily activities; engage kids in a fun and encouraging way with parents; brilliant graphics; free to use.

Cons: none.

Worth Having App – Download the App