The value of having a strong social media presence can’t be understated. Whether you’re building customer loyalty, engaging with your community or trying to drive more sales, a good social media strategy is essential in today’s digital age.

But for most of us, especially entrepreneurs and small startups, social media marketing is a complicated world many of us don’t have the time to learn, expertise or the budget to hire a full-time social media manager.

Meet AIMIsocial. It’s an AI-driven, automated social media marketing tool built to replace the need for a dedicated social media manager and allow you more time to focus on your business.

You can check out the app on iOS and Google Play or read on for some more information about how it works.

The app works for just about any industry, and on major social platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter – as well as others. You’ll choose the industry and campaign type, tell AIMIsocial what you’re marketing and the tool will go to work. It’ll generate text, graphics, select the best images and schedule posts for you. It can create campaigns that last for days, weeks or months.

Rightly so, you’re probably thinking what if the AI generates a post that doesn’t reflect your brand? You get to approve, review and edit any posts before they go live so you can make sure your strategy is in line with your brand.

We’ve never seen a tool that can reliably create high quality social media campaigns in minutes, with minimal input from the user. It’s also capable of analyzing and adjusting your strategy on the fly, as it collects data.

If having a fully qualified social media manager in your pocket sounds good, check AIMIsocial out on iOS and Google Play today!