Feel like you need to do something productive?  Want to learn how to play a new instrument without paying much?  One of the easiest ways to learn music is to start playing a simple instrument and then moving on to others that is affordable and easy to play.  When was the last time you heard a famous musician playing the Harmonica?  Maybe you remember Bob Dylan, or The Beatles, which definitely took advantage of this instrument and made some great music pieces.

What to expect :

Unless you already have knowledge on the subject, you should definitely read on how to play the harmonica as well.  iMonica application’s website has some great videos so that you can play along to Bob Dylan, The Beatles, Neil Young or Takuro Yoshida.  This game works with most Apple devices including the iPhone, the iPod touch (as long as it has the 4.3.1 update) and even the iPad if you would like a giant Harmonica.  Nonetheless, you and your friends will definitely enjoy the application and can even pair up to practice.

One thing you should be aware of is that you will be pressing your lips against the side of the apple device, so we do beg you to keep the screen clean and your hands as well if you’re gonna use the application.  You can also expect “ooohs” and “aahhhs” from the crowd if you really learn how to play it well and if you learn the most popular songs out there.

Once you download the iMonica application, just open it and you will have three buttons:  Play, Setup and Help.  The setup option allows you to select from many features that you can add to the harmonica.  If you want your harmonica to have a different color than your friends, just choose from the variety that iMonica offers.  You can also set the tone of the instrument to whistle mode, which gives you many options to tune and make your sound quite unique.

How much does it cost?

Normally, you would get a cheap harmonica for a buck at certain retail stores that sell party goods, or your local Chuck E. Cheese.  You can either get one of those or have it on your iPod or iPhone to have at all times.  Not to mention that you can personalize your sound and learn new techniques with this application.  If you wanted to see something new from Apple applications, this is the one to look out for because it is pretty much new, unique and quite entertaining to use.

The application costs 99 cents on the app store, which is definitely cheap considering that other apps are less productive and some may even cost more.  You can even surprise your family members with your crazy antics.  There are not enough user reviews to be displayed on their page, but you can try the application out and see things for yourself.  After all, we all have different tastes, especially in music.  Another thing you should know is that the application has Facebook and Twitter pages in which you can post your experience with the application instantly.

If you would need any kind of help for the application, feel free to do so from their website or their social networks.  Usually the waiting time for an answer on Facebook takes a few hours, which is pretty sweet considering that your opinions will bring in bigger and better things along with new updates and maybe you could win a talent show with this application alone.  The possibilities are endless with this application and we do hope you take advantage of it.

Apps400 Rating for iMonica :  *  *  *  *

Best App for Music Lovers –  Download the App

You can get more details and notes of the app at Developers Site of imonica.