No matter how tall or big the building is, the most difficult part is always the foundation. If the foundation is right, there’s no limit to the height of your imagination and Burj Khalifa is just a fine example of it. Similarly, when the children are small and they’re in preschool, that’s the most significant phase of their learning cycle. If they get the right start at that particular point of time, most probably they end up at the right note. There are obviously many innovative ways nowadays being adopted by school teachers to teach children. There are new ABC rhymes and poems that help your children to learn the letters more quickly than ever. If you’ve been to a preschool recently, the atmosphere is completely different than what you’d have imagined keeping your old days in memory. But who said there isn’t scope for any more?


abcI am talking about the latest Android app called ABC Learning Games for Kids that has been developed by TheAppMedia. The app is compatible with all the devices running Android 2.3 or any later version of the OS.

ABC Learning Games for Kids takes the learning experience to a new level. Children are very good at recognizing things but only if they first get a glimpse of it. That’s why they react awkward when they meet strangers. With this app on your phone, the letters will become friends of your children. They’ll start recognizing them. There are many different games part of this one grand app. These different games will help your children recognize the letters and write them as well. Moreover, there will be exact pronunciations that they can listen to so that their speaking ability will be enhanced alongside.

But children will only concentrate their attention on something if that’s worth it. They don’t have any reason to abide by your rules and will just ignore whatever you say. So you must have something delicious cooked up for them to have them come to you and that’s where the puzzle and quiz prove a helping hand in this app. These games have been designed to provoke a desire, zeal to figure out what’s behind the curtains and while the children do so, they won’t even know when they’ve become the onstage performers.


Of course, the interface graphics serve as the connecting bond between the app and the children and therefore it must be strong enough to carry the heavy doses of children. I’m glad to say that it is! There have been numerous child-friendly characters developed that keep the eyes of the children stuck on the screen. The background music is pleasant and soothing. The developer’s taken every step very carefully and therefore, there are no hidden surprises that’ll surprise your children in a bad way. So don’t worry!

The app’s available for free in the Play Store, though there are some in-app purchases as well.

Pros: child-friendly; beautiful graphics; helps your children learn, write and speak; interesting puzzle and quiz; free.

Cons: none.

I will give this app 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Worth Having Application –   Download the App

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