With eligible voter turn out lower than 50%, it’s no wonder many Americans are questioning the effectiveness of democracy. But isn’t the poor turnout exactly the reason why democracy isn’t working as well as it could? MOXY, a new app on iOS and Google Play, seeks to fix that by providing people with a nonpartisan political ecosystem where they can stay informed, engaged and be heard.

The app makes it easy to…

Stay Informed

You can tune into informative podcasts and live streams on a variety of topics from thought leaders, elected representatives and authorized organizations. As a premium user, you can even go live yourself to provide spontaneous updates to friends, family, colleagues and members of the MOXY community.

The app also provides updates about local, state and national issues, as well as proposed and enacted legislation so can understand how things could affect yourself and others. Upcoming local, regional and national election information is also uploaded, so you can see ballot and candidate information.

Stay Engaged

You’ll find forums on a huge variety of different topics, where you can engage in healthy debate with others on all things political or form a group chat to exchange ideas and opinions privately. Why not make your voice heard by joining in the MOXY surveys and polls, too?

No other app right now offers such a wealth of information and channels to engage not just with your peers, but elected representatives in your area. Participating in political discussions and staying up to date on current topics which affect you has never been easier – download the app for free today on iOS and Google Play.