Have you ever wondered how it would be to operate your mobile without using your hands? Yes, we all might have in many cases, while cooking or working on something with our hands, we prefer to have some other technology to operate the mobile so that our work doesn’t get interrupted. Yes, EyeMotion is a unique app that utilizes the power of your eyes to get things done.

Given by Devin Beggs, EyeMotion is an app that belongs to the ‘Utility’ category in the App Store. It is only available for use on mobile devices with TrueDepth cameras (iPhone X and above). EyeMotion is very easy to use as it is designed with a convenient approach. The app is designed with an innovative technology and as you learn the controls, it will be very useful. Once you start using this amazing app, you won’t need any other search engine. 

Users can unlock the power of their eyes as they control the cursor with it and click with the facial gestures. The app gives you a revolutionary hands-free web browsing experience. Later users can make use of voice-to-text to fill in the text fields and search bars. EyeMotion is specially designed to minimize your hand usage such that it becomes easier for you to handle cases where you are already preoccupied. You can use the eyes to move a cursor around the page, or scroll up and down the website. 

The unique design makes getting started a breeze and allows for different use cases. By using facial gestures like a puff of the cheeks or a smile, users can navigate a page easily. They can also make their favorite recipe in the kitchen as they scroll through the ingredients list hands-free, find the next workouts for their morning exercise without stopping in between, gather information from Google in the middle of work without having to stop the work being carried out and so on.  

When you have any queries, you can contact the team on support@eyemotion.app or send a message through the contact form on the website. Completely free to use, it occupies a size of 1.4 MB and the latest version has come with bug fixes. EyeMotion is compatible with iOS 13.4 or later versions and works well on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. It is available in English language and is suitable for all those above 17 years of age. 

Download EyeMotion today and see the power of the app in just a few seconds.