I’ve been using the Actofit App for over a year now and I love Actofit Smart scale App. It is a great way to keep track of my weight and body composition. I have tried other apps that claim to be able to sync with all the different scales from Actofit but none of them worked as well as this one. This app is perfect for me because it syncs with all 4 variants of the scales from Actofit, depending on which variant you are using. It can track between 15. I am happy with the accuracy of the scales and how easy it is to sync them with the app. I find myself using it every day to stay on track and make sure that I am eating healthy enough for my goals.

With the app, you can create a profile for each member of your family. You can customize the settings for each person and add them to your main account.

The app is perfect for families where everyone is on a different diet and needs their food log. For example, if the youngest child has allergies, you can set up an account for them with their customized settings.

With this app, you don’t need to worry about sharing data with other members of your family because it’s all stored in your private account.

Change the way you measure your fitness with Actofit Smart scales.

Actofit Smart scale App syncs with all 4 variants of the scales from Actofit. Depending on the variant being used the App can track between 15-24 body composition metrics.

Reviewed constantly on multiple platforms as one of the best tools to map progress, our coveted scales are preferred for their unmatched accuracy and proximity to gold-standard machines. The additional App features make it a must-have for any household or fitness professional.

Progress Trends – Visualise your fitness progression and quantify the changes over time Analyse what’s working vs what’s not.

Social Share – Your data stored over time is converted into charts and reports that can easily be shared by e-mail and multiple social media channels.

Multi-user profiles – Use the app for your entire family, up to 16 users. If you’re a health professional or a fitness studio, reach out to us to unlock data storage and analysis for unlimited users.

Measure 15-24 body composition metrics – The highest number of body composition metrics are provided by the Actofit Smart scale given its superior impedance methods and algorithms.

Muscle size measurements – Use the App to input sizes for your calves, abdomen, biceps, arms, etc to allow you to measure changes in your body over a single platform

Sync with Fitbit & Healthkit – You can now sync your Body composition to the Apple Health app or Fitbit to track your fitness journey.

Compare Readings – Compare your body composition data between the most recent reading or between any two dates of your choice.

Auto Zoning of Values: The smart scale readings are auto-filtered into health zones based on the universal zoning mechanisms and the user’s profile, giving an instant outlook on the user’s health index.

Percentile Score against the population: With over 1 Million readings on the Smart scale, we also provide a percentile index of the user against the other users who’ve used our scale for a similar profile, to give the user, not just a universal zone, but also a more relative comparison of how his readings are in a more relative environment.

Reward Yourself: Collect coins on every reading, and activity and drop in body fat. With a tie-up with over 100 brands, redeem vouchers across popular brands by using your fitness coins

Amazing Customer Support: With a helpline number, email tickets, and live Whatsapp support integrated within the App, our customer support agents are never far away from you.

SmartScale results enable you to:

– Take informed fitness-based decisions.

– Identify health risks.

– Understand daily calorie requirements.

– Monitor your bone health.

– Measure body-fat levels.

– Distinguish muscle mass from fat mass to improve fitness.

– Identify protein requirements.

– Determine the metabolic age of the body.

How does all this know-how help me as a user?

Introduced AI-powered chatbot – The AI-powered Health Coach recommendation engine will guide you through the changes you need in your workouts or lifestyle to improve your body composition scale.

Diet Charts – Inside the App you can request a diet chart based on your preferences, and a real dietitian will provide you with a plan taking your Smart scale readings into account!

Take Away

I’ve been using the Actofit Smart scale App for a year now and I have to say that it’s the best one I’ve ever tried. The interface is simple and easy to use, syncs with all 4 variants of their scales, and gives me accurate readings. I’m so happy with this app!