We all know the famous Greek proverb that goes by, “ A sound mind in a sound body”. This means that both your body and mind should co-exist in a healthier way. In this modern lifestyle, everyday we have to run a lot of errands and we undergo various levels of stress both at home and at work place. Stress and an imbalance in work and life is something that needs to be addressed at the earliest. An app named, Mindtastik – Meditation, Mindfulness and Relaxation has come to your rescue.

A good night’s sleep and meditation not only improves your day but also your whole life. Belonging to the Health and Fitness category, the app helps improve your life by following the healthy activities of meditation, relaxation and sleep. The app gives you access to all types of meditations. As you open the app, it automatically fetches some meditation exercises for you to start the day. You can either go with that or pick one of your own.

Mindtastik has various meditative session of videos both shorter and longer. The different interactive sessions help you relieve your stress and anxiety. It also helps you defeat negative thinking patterns and discover your new equilibrium. With this, you can come out of your fears and bad addictive habits and evolve everyday. The app is updated with new content every week thereby enriching your meditative experience.

Substance abuse & addiction, teenage issues, anxiety & stress management, self-esteem & confidence, depression, self-help & personal development and the list continues. The app gives you guided meditation on all these topics and much more. Mindtastik makes use of different lower frequencies like alpha & beta binaural beats, delta & theta brainwaves, and isochronic tones to help you cross the subconscious barrier and attain the different goals of your life.

You can choose among the various classification of meditation and sleep activities. There is also an exclusive search button to facilitate the search of your needs. The interface of Mindtastik is so easy-to-use and is understandable. The plethora of benefits offered by Mindtastik makes it stand out from other apps in the market. It is really one fantastic creation by the team and has helped me get some good sleep amidst my stressful work-life. The app also helped me improve my focus, manage the stress levels and have a proper work-life balance.

The app is available for both iPhone and Android and is rated 3+, hence suitable for everyone in the family. What I found to be most impressive about Mindtastik is the options of listening to bedtime stories for my kids as I ran out of tales narrating them to sleep everyday. I recommended this app to all my friends and family who were having a hard time at work and they later thanked me for helping them out by suggesting it.

Well! Use your free time productively with Mindtastik and improve your life for a healthy and happy living.

The app comes free of cost and has in-app purchases for monthly, yearly and life-time subscriptions.

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