If you’re a freelancer or someone who hires freelancers, there’s a cool app you might want to check out: FYSH. It’s available on both iOS and Google Play, and trust me, it’s worth the few seconds it takes to download.

In a nutshell? FYSH is like a bustling market where all sorts of talented folks come to find jobs and get hired. Whether you’re a handyman, a chef, or even someone who gives massages, this app has something for everyone.

One of the neat things about FYSH is its ‘FYSH of the day’ feature. Think of it like a daily deal, but instead of discounts, you get recommendations either for workers or jobs, depending on whether you’re a freelancer or an employer. Handy, right?

For those who dread the business side of freelancing – making appointments, sending out invoices, collecting payments and so on – FYSH has got your back. It’s got built-in tools that make these tasks a breeze. And hey, it even lets you keep more of the money you earn by cutting down on those annoying service fees.

Here’s a cool twist: you can use FYSH to both find jobs and hire others, all from one account. One moment you might be looking to hire a photographer for a project, the next you’re the photographer being hired for a gig.

All in all, FYSH is like that handy multi-tool you never knew you needed no matter whether you’re looking for work, or for help completing a project. If you’re curious to see what it’s all about, you can easily find it on iOS and Google Play. Give it a try!